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FIFA 16 Gameplay Tips: Intermediate Skill Moves Tutorial

If you want to have success into the pitch, you must to know the basic controls of the game.
In this tutorial we will share with you the best FIFA 16 tips about intermediate skill moves.

Intermediate Skill Moves Tutorial

Perform more challenging skill moves to create space and beat defenders. Intermediate skill moves in FIFA 16 include the stand fake pass, heel flick turn, and simple rainbow.

To do the stand fake pass hold RT (XBox) / R2 (Playstation) while standing still and perform a fake shot by powering up with the shoot button and cancelling with the short pass button. Your player will kick the ball and then drag it back again with the sole of their foot.

To perform the heel flick turn, hold RB (XBox) / R1 (Playstation) and flick the right stick forward then back. Your player will drag the ball back, tap it with the other foot and kick it in the opposite direction to forward on coming defender.

For a simple rainbow, flick the right stick back the forwards twice. Time it right and your player will flick the ball up in the air and overhead. Use it to fall a defender and if you just feel like showing off.

To do some intermediate skill moves, you may need to use a modifier as well as the right analogue stick. Be sure to spend some time in the practice arena to properly learn these skills with the help of FIFA 16 Coins. Please, be sure that you already know how to perform the basic skill moves, before going to more difficult ones.

To make things easier to understand, watch this Intermediate Skill Moves Tutorial video for FIFA 16:


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FIFA 16 - New Update for PC Version

FIFA 16, the popular football simulation video game from EA Sports, has received its title update 3 for the PC version. PS4 and Xbox One will receive it at a later date, the official post states.

Title update 3 for FIFA 16 will add some new content like star heads for teams promoted in Barclays Premier League and new third kits.

This update will also be addressing some of the issues faced by fut 16 coins. The players can expect improvements in match-making, fix for the exploit to win/loss record, correct country flags, PS4 issue causing screen size to change and more.

The update will also be addressing issues in FIFA Ultimate Team. Some issues that have been identified include Compare Price improvements, Goalkeeper being selected by default, image of the ball did not match that which was selected and many more.

FIFA 16 was released on 22 September, 2015, for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. This year's FIFA 16 contained female players for the first time and it has 12 women's national teams. The game contained 78 stadiums that include 50 real-world venues.

Below are the patch notes as detailed in FIFA forums:

New Content

Star heads for some players, many of which are from the newly promoted Barclays Premier League teams this season.

New third kits have been added for Roma, Barcelona, and Inter Milan.

It addresses items that were identified by the community and FIFA Live Service team, namely:

Improvements to online matchmaking.
One instance of a team celebrating a goal at the wrong moment.
An exploit to win/loss record in FIFA Online Seasons.
Correct country flags appearing in FIFA Pro Clubs.
One instance of Pro Club accomplishments resetting for a small number of users.
An issue on PS4 that caused screen size changes to not save correctly.

It addresses issues in FIFA Ultimate Team:

Updated the default value assigned to the Buy Now option to the max value when listing an item for sale on the Transfer Market.
Improvements to Compare Price when used on consumable items.
Issue where your Goalkeeper was the default selection for all Player Roles.
An issue in settings where the image of the ball didn't match the selected ball.
An issue that caused a shared Concept Squad to be displayed as a playable squad in the EA Sports Football Club news feed.
An issue with the use of historical kits by your opponent in Play a Friend's Squad.


FIFA 16: would you like to spend some money

Like last year I won't spend a penny on FUT. fut16coin enjoys gradually building a team from scratch, starting with bronzes and replacing them even with crappy golds is very rewarding

Makes opening packs all the more interesting too as those players who would typically get discarded tend to be useful.

The better league for start is Portuguese Primeira Liga: Casillas Aboubakar Maicon Jardel Maxi Jefferson Teo Gutierrez Joao Mario William Carvalho Mitroglou Slimani Carrillo Gaitan

I dont like to spend on FIFA points but I did buy the deluxe version. 40 premium packs over 20 weeks which isnt bad. It's basically $50 worth of packs which is enough for me.

On the first day i'll probably just build up coins on offline division/tournaments with coin boosts and add to the players I get from the web app. And while this is happening i'll be doing the bronze pack method like I normally do to build up the items in my club and build up coins

At the end of the day EA want you to buy FIFA Points so why would they make it easy for you to build a good team just with FIFA 16 Ultimate Team coins? I think the ranges will start pretty high and rise. I think it will still be pretty hard to get a good team this year with out spending money or having a lot of free time to trade.

I've spent way too much on past FIFA games, so I'm gonna see if I can avoid spending anything on this one. Probably gonna start with building the Atlético Madrid starting 11 and then a BBVA team with players from other clubs.


My experiences of FIFA 16

Goalkeeping: A big improvement over last years. I found keepers less likely to make schoolyard errors and better at parrying balls away from the oppositions strikers. Although aerial control during crosses leaves some questions to be answered.

Defending: I don't know if the pace of the game has improved defending but I have found it much easier to earn FIFA 16 Coins Android. And that's not a good thing for me. It's too easy to catch up and tackle Ronaldo & Messi even if your fucking John Terry with 12 pace mate.

Apart from that I like the improved controls in defending and think the above could be summed up to EA nerfing pace.

Midfield: One of the biggest changes for me. I feel like the gameplay has changed in pace enough to accommodate a quick and risky tiki-taka style of football. Ball players like Fabregas, Gotze and Iniesta feel amazing and I've been able to pull off some slick looking passing goals.

Attack: The pace of the game has changed enough that pace isn't as big of a factor this year. So much that it can render even Ronaldo & Messi obsolete at times. If your opponent stacks his midfield and plays 4 across the back, I feel like Messi can't just change a game by dribbling and accelerating through players like I could in 15. Although shooting is well improved. Everything looks more natural and the new finishing and skill animations are sexual.

Overall: I am enjoying the demo. It definitely feels like a different game although not much has really changed with FIFA 16 Coins IOS. Although I've only been playing against the AI and don't know how everything will translate to Online. The demo is always different to the final release. Last year was the same.


FIFA 16: feel the way you play

The one thing I've noticed is how players feel the way they play. Playing with Chelsea, Hazard felt and played like his style, and Willian felt and played like he does in real life. They both felt different to one another. Looks like Sterling has his Velma run. Also noticed that the Chelsea AI changed formation and tactics when they were 1-0 down, and in the 75th minute threw on Remy for Matic and played with 2 up top. Also surprisingly liking the Women's way of play, I just wish there was more for the cheapest fut 16 coins, but there's definitely potential there for it to become a full game mode in Fifa 17 and onwards, just hope EA don't see it as a market gap and decide to release a separate game for Women and Men.

I played the closed beta for a couple days (played career mode and online seasons) and I agree. I love the defending and AI positioning. Feels like they focused on improving defense as it's been weaker than offense for the past few FIFAs. I also like how the pace isn't as important and passing depends on actual stats so you can't just spam perfect lobbed through balls across the pithc with every scrub.

Totally agree on passes, and I also like the fact that AI can fuck up here and then. I'll spend some time practicing some more passes. I don't do a lot of through balls (the ones I do are calculated, normally towards the wing) and zero lobbed through balls, might try to see how effective they are.

Honostly usually really hate ea sports for releasing the same game every year, but wow this year is actually really good and an actual simulation that they seemed to really work on. Also, I like how you actually have to "play beautiful" in the game to be effective as opposed to sitting 5 at the back and countering with buying fut 16 coins. The sad part is this may not do well with the casual crowed so ea might change it back to more arcade like when the game comes out, but I hope not!!


FIFA 16 Difficulty - The Conundrum

Been meaning to go on a bit of a rant about this for a while now, and figured r/FIFA is as good a place as any because the thing that's annoyed me is more jarring than ever in FIFA 16. (Please note: if you only care about playing FIFA online, this post isn't for you.)

I've spent a lot of time whilst recommending FIFA 16 telling people that the AI is easily, for me personally, the best part of the FIFA 16 Coins PC. How exquisitely the CPU plays at times, with movement and decision-making that makes previous iterations look embarrassing in hindsight. But as someone who rarely ever traverses outside of single-player FUT seasons (where the juxtaposition is at its most harsh), career mode or my team's match of the week, the double-edged sword of that awesome AI irks me just as much as it impresses me.

It's thrilling to see Barcelona play some majestic one-twos, and I couldn't care less when Suarez outmuscles my fullback then finishes sumptuously. It feels right. But when the 64 OVR-rated striker from some lower league Danish club does that because the difficulty is set to World Class, I feel utterly incompetent & like I'm wasting my time. I do want a challenge but I despise trying to complete what feels like arithmetic in my head; trying to balance OVRs, sliders, and the core difficulty in order to do so. It needs to be more straightforward than that for those of us who want an authentic single-player experience.

I really think there ought to be two single-player modes in FIFA going forward: a classic/arcade mode and a sim/realism mode. Sim mode shouldn't have difficulty tiers because having them is antithetical to players, teams, stats... basically EVERYTHING the game tries to get FIFA 16 Coins Android when it advertises the notion of accuracy. The freedom of all that AI manipulation ends up transforming FIFA into Space Jam: The Video Game, where no-name scrubs magically harvest the abilities of the game's elite and cause them to play like someone struggling to exit a swimming pool filled with jello.


There are some issues in FIFA 16

Seriously. Fifa has lots of issues. But people will complain regardless. The community (if you can even call it that) is shit. We're all shit. We all complain and moan.

A lot of it is just a selection bias. I mean when exploits happen for us, we stay quiet, so we don't notice it as much. But when it happens for your opponent? Game is obviously cheating etc.

I mean yeah there are bugs and the AI is dumb as rocks and keepers suck but.. The game is awesome, and I love it.

I love these little features. I mean I love all the new stuff they add so much. I love the detail and immersion stuff (though in FUT and such it does get old fast). I just wish they would focus on more than just small details and FUT. Like you know, the rest of the game modes and such.

But hey, 16 isn't out yet, and who knows how it'll be. I mean I'm gonna wager not much better, but minor improvements all throughout. I'll probably still buy it. And I'm sure most of the "lol I'm getting PES" crowd isn't willing to put their money where their mouth is.

You know i m on pc too and i can t play two games in row in peace without some glitcher show up and i hate it because i have fun to play fifa this game actually is alright even it has huge issues but god damn it i want to play online but i can t get to play it in peace for FIFA 16 Coins IOS. So i'm all complaining about it all the fucking time here but what else i can do? i can't play damn game i paid it but i can't play the mode i want to play in peace. So i really can't understand how it makes me shit? Community is shit i agree but complaining this sort of things does not make me fucking shit person.

That slogan will haunt them all year if they seriously intend to use it. No game ever is truly perfectly balanced, specially if it has PvP. I can only fathom the kids hate tweet's on EA's twitter at the slightest sight of unbalanced mechanics.


FIFA 16: coins selling will ruin the FIFA 16

Well this year was a shit storm in terms of bots and coin selling, but they've done a lot of work in the past 3 months, people getting warned and after ignoring the warning actually getting banned, which is something. I've been really negative about the change when I first read the news but the more I think about it, it's the best thing that could happen to FUT and it might finally have progress and variety. All we can do is hope that they won't change their minds, instead just improve the concept.

Painfully easy ways to combat coin selling without EA taking a shit on market trading. Trading gave an opportunity for anyone to afford messi. The only way to do that in FUT 16 will be to insert your credit card information. You are deluded if you think even Gareth Bale will be manageable to obtain by solely paying games in fut16 with EA dictating prices.

Imo, as someone who played 1000+ games on each of FUT 12, 11 and 10 (all pre-seasons) I think they should ditch the seasons and just increase the fifa 16 coins won per game, pre-seasons FUT was all about making a team full of players you like, or the best players in the game if you so fancied, going out and playing a game of football against a stranger on the internet.

This needs to be done across the board, especially for career mode and pro clubs which are, woefully, undersupported. The community as a whole would significantly improve if EA incorporated more rewards and/or accomplishments for passes, assists, and defense.

Instead, for any of the team modes, you have players attempting to make 80 yard runs and making it 20 or going idle whenever the opposition has possession.

They should reward all active players, not just good players, to avoid losing the playerbase. By giving huge rewards only for titles, they would probably be awarding a very small part of their playerbase, making everyone else feeling like they are being forced to buy packs because they aren't good enough. Better to increase gold per match than per title.


Start a fantasy football league in FIFA 16

I used to work as an intern for a startup fantasy football league and it was literally my job to go to message boards and rave about how awesome the site was, regardless of my own opinions. I'd venture to say there are people working for EA whose sole job is to refute the REAL scripting that is going on.

Yeah there are 'shills' in every large company, and I don't doubt for a second that EA have them in here and other large forums on the internet.
Why do you think the big Youtubers get free Legends, invited to events, get early copies of games and get all their points back when they are reset for buying FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Coins?

Not saying they are shills per se, but EA know they have large followings and watching them pack a SIF Ronaldo or TotY Messi triggers that 'well just maybe...' response and they buy packs hoping to get one themselves.
Has any non Youtuber had all their points back when reset?

I wouldn't put it past EA to only do this to big youtubers as they know that by doing that they will spend it all on packs, make more videos which attract more viewers, which ultimately leads to the rest of us donkeys (me included) spending money on packs and getting nothing at all.

Yeah dude make a channel I 100% agree with you and anyone else that says otherwise either hasn't played enough FIFA or doesn't think critically enough about the shit that goes on around them.


FIFA 16: Training Yourself

For me they need to start implementing a lot of individual training regimes that you can set your players on like specifically targeting making their finishing better which would cause other things like passing to go up a lot slower whilst you were targeting finishing for example.

you could however if you wanted to, just leave them on a general training regime which should slowly make them better at a number of things.
The thing I want most from manager mode is for them to let you have a youth/ B team which has an actual separate league and it's own fixtures where you can monitor the progress of your youth/ fringe players and choose when to bring them into the first team.

Right now ive been playing it non stop and transfer windows get cheap Fifa 16 coins all worked up cause its fun finding players and signing them. But i have made so many transactions that i have so much cash and a really good team, would love the whole facilities to upgrade and train my recently promoted youth players. Ive gotten some pretty awesome youth players.

It's really annoying if you play as Real or Barca and you have to pay for your own players from the B team...

It all seems to come down to the fact that EA don't give a shit about Manager mode anymore because it's not their cash cow - FUT is.

Sadly I wouldn't be surprised if at some point they dump to buy Fifa 16 coins altogether in order to push people more towards their Ultimate Team cash cow. The same goes for seasons. The mobile game is UT and bugger all else. I fear the full game will soon follow the same path.


Guaranteed Solution For The FIFA 16 Coins Trading System

Aaah yes, Runescape and Fifa. Games that were a big part of many people's childhood and for some, still are. I can't help but realise that A lot of Fifa problems could be fixed by simply looking at another game's history that has had similar issues when it comes to the game's economy.

Which is: Coin Selling
Quick history lesson for people who didn't play Runescape.
Runescape was one of, if not THE most popular game around 2006-2012. But a serious problem plagued this game...coin selling. But not just any old coin selling, we are not talking about having your mate Barry give you a couple 100k for paying for that McFlurry from Mcdonalds after school.
No, we are talking about Billions upon Billions being exchanged for real life money. Fifa 16 coins that were brought into the game through glitches, or coins that were scammed from other players. So what did Jagex (Runescape Develepors) do? In 2007, they took away free trade. Gave every tradeable item a price band and called it a day. You could no longer transfer millions willy nilly.

Almost identical to what EA did. Removing free trade, putting a price band on every tradeable item and calling it a day

What was the result of this?
Long story short, players left to other games (e.g. World of Warcraft, Call of Duty etc) because of the loss of free trade. Most however left because the loss of other things, which had to be removed as they could facilitate Coin selling. If they had not removed those things, the whole loss of free trade thing to combat coin selling would have been pointless. Things got worse before they got better, resulting in many updates that made a shit problem, even shitter. With people finding new workarounds all the time, and the developers restricting the game even more resulting in the suffering of legit players, to catch the few bad ones. Eventually they called it quits, and after 5 years or so, reversed all the major changes that made the game shit in 2007. But it wasn't enough to get the players to come back. So they released a server which was a copy of the game in 2007, with about 5 staff. And it has more players than its current live version. with all its hundreds of staff, along with millions in budget.

But wait... wasn't there something called the Grand Exchange?

Why yes, I am going onto that next.

Now, how can we fix Fifa Market in Fifa 16 for good As part of their fix, Jagex put in something called "The Grand Exchange".

What is the grand exchange in fifa terms?
It's a stock market with an autobuyer which auto buys the item with the lowest price currently on the "stock market" . Every item has a guide price, but there is nothing stopping you putting in an offer for ridiculously low or ridiculously high and the trade going through. The player has no control over which individual item is bought for him. The only thing he can control is what he is willing to pay. The Grand Exchange will simply buy the cheapest card with the amount of coins the player has put into the offer.

Prices go up or down based on how much the card is traded for relative to it's guide (median) price. This price is updated every 4 hours.

E.g. 1 SIF Bolasie is traded 1015 times in 4 hours, his guide price is 55k. 1000 cards are sold above his guide price compared to 15 below his guide price. Result: Price goes up a lot.

E.g. 2 Pastore played shit in the champions league semi-final against Real Madrid. Now everyone is dumping their NIF Pastore cards. 1000 sold below the guide price of 2.5k compared to 15 offers above his guide price. Result: Price goes down a lot.

E.g. 3 You have a TOTY iniesta but no one is buying this card, and everyone is dumping this card. 1000 people selling but no one is buying this card. Result: Price goes down extremely

The exact change in the median (guide) price is determined by the value of each individual trade/offer. The mean price the card is being bought for. This removes the effect of outliers almost completely e.g. You got pissed with your Courtois card for letting in an easy catch and sold him for 1 coin. But there were 1000 traded for more or less his guide price. It barely even affect his market price.

If we implemented this for Fifa, what issues will it fix?

It will sort out 99% of coin sellers. A Coin sellers cannot chose which individual card he buys, as it will only buy the cheapest card.

It will fix Extinction for 99% of cards anyone is going to give a shit about, everyone has a price and the invisible hand can act once more without the shackles placed on him by EA. The price of a high demand, low supply player will keep rising until supply meets demand.

It will permenantly fix autobuyers for every forthcoming fifa ever. Everyone has an autobuyer now, what's your advantage bruh? But wait...Didnt you just give people who would not have autobought, a simpler tool which they can't get banned over? Nope...Because every card has a buy limit based on its Cardweight . The Rarer the card in packs , The lower the limit is on that card untill we reach a limit of 2 cards. Can't let one noob horde all the Messi's now can we?

It will bring back merchenting on Fifa Something that is mostly dead on Fifa right now

But wait...this is not Runescape, Cards have individual values: such as Contracts, Chemistry style, Fitness, Injury status.

Yep, you are right. Which is why those values are saved for your every player, any time you sell a one. It will remember that your Doumbia had a Hunter Chemistry Style and 99 contract because it knows you're a sweaty bastard. So if you buy Doumbia again, he will still have the same Chemistry style, fitness etc. as when you sold him...BUT ONLY FOR YOU. And when you buy a player you haven't bought before, he has default everything.
My suggestion

It also remembers how many goals your scored with that player and doesn't show how many he has scored with his last owner or in total for that individual card, only globally a goal to game ratio. So you can stop crying when you see that his last owner scored 83 times in 45 games and you have yet to score in 11 games. Its like knowing how big your girlfriend's ex's penis was. It's mostly not a good idea to know he has a 12"er and you are rocking a 3" "size small". It also shows his average post match player rating for you and globally. So you can now compare your dick with the rest of the world like you always wanted, and shout about how you have an average rating of 8.9 with a shit player. How you must be a god among Men.

I'm still not convinced, couldn't all this lead to price manipulation by groups of players like it did initially in Runescape. Probably, but this time we know its coming. Manipulated items will stick out like a sore thumb, shit players which are crazy expensive wont stay expensive for long. Leading to a maximum buy price freeze. Or increased cardweight by EA. Easily solve able. This practice is illegal in the real life stock market. Ea can make this a ban-able offence when it comes to large groups manipulating like this. Not to be confused with an innocent fifa merchenter like yourself ;)

So why is this approach almost certain to succeed? Because another game has been beta testing this concept for us... for 8 years. The Grand Exchange is still strong today in Runescape. It is the foundation of the economy and is a truly beautiful thing.

I had wanted to save this idea for any EA interview I might have been in. As I really do love the Fifa series. I have owned every single one since Fifa 2002, I grew up in a poor family so I would save up all year and buy last year's Fifa. It honestly hurts me to see this game go to shit. I hope someone high up-ish reads this from EA so they could actually do something. If some of you could tweet this to anyone who might listen at EA. It would no doubt help the game.
I also have other ideas on some possible improvements for the game. But I wont go into detail today. About 8 thousand charecters are enough for tonight.


Football simulation game - FIFA 16

Play Fifa and PES both football games, the current gaming experiences are FIFA is an arcade-like football game, faster gamespeed and the gameplay quite rely on player's physchal status that made Fut 16 coins become a sweat game; PES is real life football simulation game, with slower game speed like real life, the players and the ball have more realistic physics and heavier weight, PES the player stamina is so tight you really need to choose the time to sprint

We mostly play D1 co-op seasons with Bayern. A lot of guys play High Pressure, LB+Y through balls all game. Literally the moment the ball is kicked off, guys are holding turbo and trying to sprint at the ball. Our formation is a 4-2-3-1 and we typically play 4-3-3s, where the primary tactic is long balls over the top.

You are absolutely right, there is no consequence in late games for running High Pressure or abusing turbo. Typically, we pick apart these guys with short passes, but in the 90th min, that last ditch long ball still finds Ronaldo or Bale in stride, blowing past our exhausted CBs.

Interesting- and makes a lot of sense. Have you tried doing this offline? I haven't played offline in a while but i seem to remember last time i played offline, my goalie actually lost stamina and had lost fitness after the game, whereas online your keeper never loses a single fitness point...i wonder if you did the same thing in offline if he would get fatigued at a more normal rate

All my high rated players can pressure you for full 90 minutes, if I try the same with some silvers or some of my bronze teams this goes out the window, they get tired quicker if I pressure the whole game, online I only play with my high rated players you can only fight sweat with sweat, unless you are really good at the game for the rest of us who are average that's the only way we can win.


FIFA 16 Player Career Hopes

So, I assume most of you saw this and I really hope this kind of thing is integrated into player career. Player career has always been one of my first game modes I play on any new Fifa and I really want to see them work on it more.

Here's what I hope: I hope that instead of having challenges to level up your stats, you complete training sessions. So there will be training sessions on dribbling, shooting, etc and that levels up the stat. You may say people can abuse that by just grinding out the sessions, but say you can only do a certain amount of sessions per calendar day, so it limits how much you can work on and it really makes you plan out how you want to upgrade your player.

One of the problems fut16coin hated about player career was playing 2, maybe 3 seasons and ending up at one of the big clubs so fast. So if they wanted to drag out your player upgrades, they could just have training sessions that award you XP towards that stat, so it may take a few sessions to level up a stat.

I think it could be really fun and I really hope this is integrated into Fifa 16. It would help with making up the days you simulate and can really improve your game in Fifa overall.

That's what I hope they'll do, if not in Fifa 16, then in 17. Would love to hear what you guys think.

I can't believe I've finally found someone else who is interested in this! Every time I watch and interview with a developer or one of those 'new feature' request videos I get frustrated that no one else seems to notice how weird it is that you can't start games on the bench!

Futhead interviewed Santiago, producer of career mode. The new training feature is available for Player mode as well. Growth obtained through training is an addition to the normal growth from in-game achievements. So now you'll be able to get signed by Bayern in your first winter transfer window.

This is a small thing, but I hope they fix the long sleeve glitch in career mode. If you go in and make any changes to a player like their shoes, or in my case I always untuck the shirts of my academy players because I'm OCD like that, they never wear long sleeves during the winter months. It just looks weird.


FIFA 16: the recency bias

I just think that recency bias makes us forget how much worse FIFA 14 really was. I played thousands of hours of it, and I had a lot of fun playing it. I went back to play it the other day after FIFA 15 frustrated me, and I remember why I was so excited about FIFA 15. If FIFA 16 has that sort of progress in it, it'll be a good thing.

All of the things people were mostly issues in the FIFA 14 in a more extreme way. Long shots were so powerful in FIFA 14 that late I stopped trying to make into the box unless it was a really good chance. In FIFA 15, you have every chance of the ball going into the parking lot with the same weight on the same shots that were smashing into the top corner in FIFA 14. Not to mention, the game is much "tighter" overall. Dribbling is insanely good on FIFA 15, and if you play a slow, possession based game, you can really drive someone mad with the gaps you can make it through and control you have over the ball.

People should start posting what console they played on. I used the 360(Last gen) and also the PC(latest gen version). Goalies were almost exactly the same on 360 from '14 to '15. When I started playing on PC suddenly all the complaints made sense.

Last years transfer market was unusable for great lengths of time, this years had much less volume at times no volume. I think it's an even draw depending on how you rate the two. Def. excited to see how this years market goes. In closing your widows peak is scary.

Because it's actually a sloppy series that's protected by a licensing monopoly. There's a reason it's basically associated with frustration. There always seems to be balancing issues and broken aspects to each iteration.

FIFA 17's demo is going to seem like an upgrade to FIFA 16's when it comes out, and that's not a bad thing. We forget that progress is what they strive for, not perfection. Some years are bad. Some years aren't. FIFA 15 is not nearly in the top portion of the worst iterations while the beloved FIFA 13 was a hilariously pace-centric version. I like that they're slowing down the game a little to make players who have both and skill really stand out with cheap Fifa 16 coins. I had every Hazard card in FIFA 14 and 2 in FIFA 15, and FIFA 16 is the first edition where he feels like a world class player that can change the game with his pace, skill, and balance instead of being knocked off the ball easily and being run down by a centreback with ease. That's a good thing in my book.

Those are 5 things off the top of my head. I mean, fair enough if you didn't mind the game, but surely you can see some clear issues people have had with the game all year long. Every single complaint is justified.


FIFA 16 Palyers Ratings

I haven't played fifa in years but I'm having a good laugh at how outrageous some of their player ratings are. Didn't realize how bad the ratings are lol
Smalling gets an 79 despite having been one of the three best central defenders in the league over the last season. Yet Jones who has been pretty dreadful for a while now is rated one higher?

Other central defenders rated significantly higher than Smalling
Vertonghen (82) coming off his worst season in years and is massively over-rated in the first place.

Cahil (83) who has been very inconsistent and has Chelsea fans calling for him to be dropped. Not a bad defender but 83 seems a little high, especially in comparison to Smalling.

Otamendi (84) had a fantastic season and does deserve to be higher rated than Smalling, but not by 5 whole points, especially off the back of about 40 games for Valencia.

Koscielny (83) is massively over-rated by Arsenal fans but is a really good defender nonetheless on his day. He hasn't been as consistent as Smalling nor has he been the better defender over the last season however so similar to Chail, a 4 point difference seems awfully wrong.

Rojo (81) who spent most of the season out injured or benched. Somehow got a +2 despite not really impressing anybody.
Dante (81). lol.

Alex (81) who was art of Milan's dreadful defense last year in which he picked up a few too many injuries before being dropped FUT16coin Mobille. Vermaelen (80) who got a well deserved upgrade from 79 this season after overcoming his injury problems briefly managing to make one single appearance. Very well deserved.

To put it into perspective, Smalling has the same rating as Dejan Lovren.
Also, what the fucks going on with his pace? I thought it was common knowledge that he is one of, if not the fastest player at the club. Surely if Memphis has 90 pace, Smalling should at least have about 85.

I understand other players have got silly downgrades or have been under-rated like Fellaini but Smalling just stuck out to me. How is he our lowest rated CB? These silly ratings must be why so many people have such odd and quite frankly silly opinions towards certain players in real life. 


FIFA 16: the best selling franchises

Well casual players are players who don't take the time to play the game enough to figure out how it works. Why would a developer cater to a group who isn't going to play their game enough to appreciate it? They can feel however they want but creating a game for casuals will almost always make a game that is more shallow with less replay value

They are some of the best selling franchises that exist, but if you ask any fan of those franchises that has been around for more than a few titles they'll tell you the same thing I do. Same game over and over with more and more assistance to players who do not put in the time to get FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Coins, and skill and game knowledge playing less of a factor into who can/will win the game. Aside from Madden and NHL (who have no competition) more competitive gamers are leaving these franchises as well for more balanced, less forgiving games. Regardless, if you like playing FIFA I think you would be hard pressed to say a deeper game would be worse than a more shallow one, especially after you pay $60 /year for the current version.

Not please the guys who are going to buy it regardless. Besides, no matter what sports gaming companies do, their hardcore fans bitch about it. Nba 2k is the best sports game out there IMO and if you go to their forums ppl are always bitching about how it's broken.

People are hard to please. With that being said, ea is the worst sports gaming company out there be they make the most and improve the least, but they have a monopoly on the genre and I really don't see that changing any time soon.

You don't know what the vast majority of the customers are actually like, so don't talk like you know. I would consider myself a casual, but I understand soccer and how it is played. When I played FIFA 13, it was all sweaty play styles with lobbed through ball passes, sprinting for your life down a wing towards the goal box. I'm glad this game isn't like that now. I'm sure many feel the same way

Both sides of the argument here have some validity. Although casuals maybe ought to try to learn techniques that may lead to an enhanced enjoyment of the game, it is ELITIST to believe that the only way to play the game is with 5-star skills and tiki-taka possession football.

I actually believe the biggest issue isn't nerfing pace (that had to be done). The biggest issue is the unrealistic settling time on the ball. This is what slows the passing game counterintuitively to their goal to focus on build-up play. My players will revive a pass and take up to 1.5-2seconds to figure out they actually have possession. Very silly!

The sad reality of reviews/articles like this is that it usually is the consensus of the majority of fifa casual players. This leads to updates that imo "dumb down" the game to a less skill intensive, pace heavy game. It would be great if devs stopped dumbing down games for casuals, but unfortunately these individuals make up most of the sales.


Thoughts/Impressions of FIFA 16

It's weird, the fast players don't feel fast and the slow players feel very very slow. For example in fut draft my strikers were inform ronaldo and alexis sanchez and they seemed no faster then the other guys zabaleta and kompany. And I have kroos in my midfield and he feels like he's barely moving, overall it just kind of feels really heavy, like my players are moving through syrup, if that makes any sense

In other words; run at the defence of your opponent and breeze past his defenders easily. I played the demo of FIFA 16 and I was pleasantly surprised in how they fixed that. They might have made the really fast players a tad too slow though, a very little buff of their pace might rebalance that.

To be honest, that sounds like a good thing to me. I think defenders should be able to keep up with attackers over a short distance but as for long distance foot races, pace should definitely come in to action then.
The past FIFAs just felt like players with 90 pace had 190 pace. Plus it should decrease the amount of pace abusers.

That and a player running unfettered compared to a player running whilst controlling a ball is a thing that should be considered, even when natural abilities are taken into account.

There isn't an insane difference in speed between players at the top echelon, and FIFA articificially seemed to imply that there was.

I think what this game needs is a mechanism or at least an instruction that tells defenders to track the runs of attackers. So if your Ronaldos, Bales, Neymars etc start making a run with Fifa 16 coins, the defenders shouldn't stick to their line, one should track him until that player runs offside then they should drop back to formation.

Obviously if your 65 pace defender has a good few yards on the attacker, then it might seem like he keeps up. To be fair, in real life most defenders can usually keep up with attackers, they would lose in a foot race for sure, but that attacker has a ball to deal with which kills their pace a little every second or so.

I'm wary that some people may find some weird exploit and spread it everywhere.. but according to latest Fifa 16 news, it plays wonderfully. You have to be careful with the ball. You Dont have to crawl up field but you have to be smart and precise. This is football. Not that sprint/lob fest we've become accustomed to seeing.

pace is more relevant than in the demo but not as much as previous years, It is definitely harder to find space to abuse it but when you do get room it works as it has always.

Passing is also notably harder as it was in the demo and a more patient style may well be beneficial this year. Again this is from just one game as I spent my first hour mainly opening packs but I feel these are all teething problems that'll hopefully be unnoticeable when I'm more used to the game.


The Top Players in FIFA 16

For example, I'm in the 9th season which means most of the top players I'm familiar with either super old or retired. And the some of the best players are regens/fictional. If I want to buy world class player where can I look to find them?

If you know the position you want, then you can make a list of the top few teams in each top league (Bundesliga, Premiership, etc.), then use the search function to search all players the team has at that position. Then, make inquiries to get a rough idea of their values and scout the ones with the highest values.

It puzzles me how people hate this, having to search for players and scout them makes it better. On the old system, I found it a bit boring just pressing search and signing the top players on the list by rating. Surely having to scout them adds more enjoyment, and provides longevity to the game. Also, sometimes you can judge a player wrong with the Fifa 16 news system and regret the signing, this happens in real life and makes it realistic for me. Like in my first season with Cardiff, I spent £3 million on an Argentinian striker, he played 4 games was shockingly bad. Sold him in the January for £750k, big loss, but it happens.

However, I do agree that there should be the option to turn it off and just see OVRs if that's what you prefer. I also agree that something should be done about low-rated scouts being essentially useless if you scout via instructions (manual scouting or scouting via 'one for the future' stories still works fine, but the former is IMHO too clunky to be fun).

Sometimes though I start a career and forgot about one or two of them and regret it. Bakkali is my favourite of the lot though, quality winger. Already rated 81 for my Cardiff side in my 3rd season.


Price range is the end of FIFA 16 for me

This game sucks so much now since price ranges were added.

players like delph and ronaldos MOTM cards are non existent unless you spam search for ages.

Every week there will be at least one IF priced wrong who will be the same as delph abd ronaldo.

There will be no more market crashes during TOTS and TOTY.

Players don't even sell because there already at there minimums so you can undercut for quick sales either.

EAs price range and opinion of a players price will never be the same as moat gamera, all low rated IFs will be under priced and impossible to find.

If there price range ia too low, 99% of TOTS and TOTY cards will be impossible to find.

No more investing to make coins.

I'm sure there is way more reasons then I've listed too. If this price range stays on fifa 16 it will be the first time I don't buy fifa for 16 years!

they would be better off removing coins from the game mode all together then this *, just make it so all players can be traded with any random for up to another 10 players so it would be straight swaps for players we desire and no economy at all!

If not the other thing to do would be to perma IP ban all the coin sellers. Yes they ban buyers but everytime they ban a buyer they also have the info of the seller and do nothing with your Fifa 16 coins ios? All video games have the rule you can't sell in-game currency but no percific rules you can't buy them. this is the first one I've ever came across that goes out of their way to ban the buyers but not the sellers!

I spend so much on fifa points every year but what's the point if the players you get won't actually sell and the players you want aren't on the market? 


FIFA 16: Few options on PC

Gamers who are also football fans fall into two camps - the ones who can't get enough of EA's FIFA franchise, and those who think that Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer series can do no wrong - and the two rarely, if ever, see eye to eye. If you are a FIFA fan, then you know that FIFA 16, the next instalment of the franchise, is out next week. It's one of the few games that's available not just on the PC and the current generation consoles (the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), but also on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. But which version of the game is the one worth getting? We checked the demo out on every platform to tell you.

Few options on PC
Thanks to its immense popularity, FIFA 16 manages to attract a mainstream audience which may not have the most up-to-date PC to play the game. This is most obvious from the system settings available. While GTA V, The Witcher 3, and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain all sported a wealth of options for PC users, the graphic options for FIFA 16 are rather sparse.

We tested the game on an Intel Core i5 3470 at 3.2GHz, 16GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GTX 980Ti. Needless to say, playing FIFA 16 at 4K was effortless with this setup. The game looked crisp and sharp and felt blisteringly fast, netting between 110 to 120 frames per second with every graphic setting turned to the maximum. This was expected considering that most gaming PCs are overkill for this title.

Playing using a midrange GTX 950 card, we were still able to max out the game at 1440p, with a frame rate of around 60fps for most part, and the rare dip to 40 during replays. At 1080p we were able to get close to 120 frames per second at most times, dropping to the low 90s on occasion.

At all resolutions and hardware configurations, we noticed visible tearing in the game's cut-scenes and replays which took away from the immersion to an extent. Capping the frame rate to 60fps did little to rectify this.

In terms of hardware, the PC version of FIFA 16 doesn't require cutting edge components to get it running. If you have a Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64-bit operating system and at the very least, an Intel Core i3 at 3.1GHz, 4GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GTX 650, you should be able to play the game fairly well at 720p. And if you're the adventurous sort - like some FIFA 16 PC fans on EA Sports forums - then you can overclock your ailing, obsolete PC to the minimum 3.0GHz to get it running.

Getting the PC version running was more challenging than the game itself
While the PC version looked decent, getting it running was an exercise in frustration. Every time we tried booting it up, we were met with errors, and EA's support forums were anything but Fifa coins would helpful. We tried everything from reinstalling the requisite .NET Framework files to verifying the installation. What finally worked was disabling Origin - the game's client - in the options, after which it started up without a hitch.

That's an odd fix, but considering that the option is there within the client itself, it's possible that EA expects players to do this; though how most people are supposed to divine this is hard to see. This was the case both on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 64-bit operating systems.


How to against another player in FIFA 16

You are a little off. If you have played previous FUTs you know that 5Mil and 6Mil for Messi and Ronaldo are way too high. EA is only putting high min/max because there are so many coins on the market already.

Starting next year, I would be shocked if Ronaldo/Messi are over 1.5 Mil like all the other FUT versions where Messi went from 600k-900k Fifa coins.

also, you are not factoring in tournament rewards (which will probably be much higher in the future).

This system best protects against players that have nothing to do with playing the game and just look to make Fifa 16 coins pc. You can complain all you want that EA wants ppl to spend their money on EA store (rather than Coinsellers) but its their right. Its their game, why should anyone else profit from it.

Exactly right on premium player pricing. Fifa 13 Ronaldo was 1 to 1.5 million. Messi was ~1 million ( sometimes up and sometimes down). By the end of TOTS season in '13 I had about 3.5 mill and felt like a king. Now with that same money I can buy Robben, Ribery, and a solid team.

Ronaldo has never been affordable via match earnings. It could be argued that Ronaldo has barely ever been affordable (yes, even before TOTY) via good investments on the transfer market.

In the future if you are going to make a rant post regarding a recent change to FUT, do not cite the affordability of Ronaldo. Literally half of the text in your post was regarding the affordability of Ronaldo, as if it somehow correlated to this recent change.

Ever since the post-TOTY inflation, every user on this sub has been calling for change, some drastic, some minimal. EA is doing something. Let's all try to save our criticisms until we see the real time pros/cons of this update.


Some wishes about FIFA 16 feature

I was getting so frustrated today while defending without Fifa coins. I'd go for a standing tackle, but FIFA decided that my player somehow had possession and so I slam a shot that barely makes it to the opponent's box.

I'd also like the game to have a better understanding of what possession is, and not have the players I'm controlling just let go of the ball because an opponent looks like he might think about tackling me off of it.

More custom tactics, more realistic start to the game for example the commentators could give a quick intro on the teams form, also after the game it would be cool if your team won the game and they would celebrate with their fans, you know like singing chants with the fans etc.

How about the ability to challenge anyone on FUT? I want a rematch, not a new friend.

Bring back trading players/items
Improve online connectivity and matchmaking so I don't get matched up with a +9 rated opponent. How about based on win/loss ratio? Introduce ELO...
More tournaments/challenges

FIX THE F*CKING PACK DROPS. I understand it's an effective business to simply rob the addicted of their paychecks but reward them more, they've certainly earned it.

Position freedom (let me change muller to a CM, or lichtsteiner to an RB/LB without having to get the IF)

Bring back the save custom tactic feature, add custom formations
Customize badges (like in COD), uniforms, balls, stadiums
Change club name for a fee whenever

GK should be amazingly hard to overcome without some clever passing and shooting. Goals should not be conceeded from 40+ yards and with a non-responsive GK who let the ball zip by his left ear. REALISTICALLY, GKs will stop anything that isn't from within the box and in plain view (so walls of players blocking GK's view could help slip one in)
More skill moves

More responsive defending AI (no kickoff crap)
Better possession statuses (I am trying to steal the ball and in a millisecond of "possession" I manage to throw away the ball)

Nerf OTTTBs and make expensive players actually worth. Also make passing faster paced and not have it randomly pass to the wrong player with FUT16coin Mobille. Also have CB an wing backs track runs instea of standing still. And while were at fix the fucking reffing so it makes sense. Get some official refs in and ask them what they would call in a shown situation and then have them do that. The fact the i can get slid from behind while about to shoot in a 1v1 with the goalie and they only get a yellow is unacceptable. Also make it so players can just immediately catch up when a player like depay goes past them. Oh and get rid of park the bus or make it less effective cause fuck that


FIFA 16: Offline and Online AI

I think a problem that has plagued EA's games in the majority of their titles is their lack of effort on their Fifa coins. It's a problem that is prevalent online as centre backs wander aimlessly around the pitch, but it is really bad offline. It seems every year rather than implement an improved AI with varying difficulties EA just puts attribute bonuses at each difficulty level.

According to the announcements they've done quite a bit of work on teammate and opponent AI. Is it any better? Who knows until we play it.
But come on you can't expect a game against the AI to be anything similar to playing a very skilled human player.

So short of giving the AI human like intelligence how do you suggest they ramp up the difficulty? If the AI players performed just like ours and had no advantages we would win every game 15-0 because we can think and the AI can't.

By the way I'm not saying playing the AI is fun, it sucks and I hate it. Just like it does in every other sports game. Some games like driving games etc you can have a reasonable AI. In sports games not so much

I don't know that's probably why I don't work for EA, I been playing for 6 months and I tried against legendary for the first time on the special tournament EA had a while back and I beat them to buy Fifa 16 coins, I decided to try it again on div 1 offline and I can never win more than 1-0 or 2-1, they never run out of stamina, they win every header offensive or defensive, And to top it off the ref always favors them. There has to be a way for the AI to be smarter not every player be on steroids.

While I don't expect the AI to perform like that, there's no way the AI should be able to catch and dispossesses your fastest forward with Mertasacker or Terry, or that all their passes connect while yours do not even if you aim correctly.


The empty seats in FIFA 16

I'm gonna be honest, I'd love if this feature was implemented. Doing worse? Less fans are gonna show up. Doing awesome? More are gonna show and cheer louder. Depending on how loyal a fan base is equates to how long they'll put up with a shitty team. I love stuff like that.

Location of stadium is far more important than bandwagoners, now that city have moved to a predominately utd area, less of the traditional supporters can afford to factor in the cost of travel with an ever rising season ticket price.
Gloryhunters turn up for 1 or two games a year if they live in the same country, one or two games in their life if they don't. I had a season ticket at city for over a decade.

I don't mean to sound smug but if anyone's going to know about the change in a club once it's got money and won things I think I would.

The reason city's ground is empty on occasion is simple and complex, they've priced out a lot of Cheap FUT 16 Coins, they expanded the already half empty family stand to the full north stand and they expanded corporate areas to the entire middle tiers of the east and Colin Bell stand, meaning lower-middle class fans were priced out of those sections.

I have yet to see a sports game really nail it. When you score a 90' screamer to win an El Classico or to beat your rival and remain atop the standings, your fans should be going ballistic. Camera shakes, stuff falling on the edges of the field, you can't quite make out what the announcers are saying... They focus on the emotion of the players but quite honestly, it's the emotion of the fans that we as players most interact with. They're at the corner of our screens and center of our speakers. Always such an underrated part of the game.

This is all I want. I want to hit a game winner in stoppage time and have the place just come apart. Flares, Streamers, beer getting flung all over the place. I want to go in the stands with the fans. If getting this means I can't see the pimple on Ronaldo's fine ass so be it. I would gladly give up some graphicsif it means a more fun/realistic experience

To be fair I haven't been to a football match the times i visited England. In Germany ppl rant about 3€ price increase. e.g. on the Südtribüne in Dortmund the cheapest tickets (standing ofc) are like 15-18€ [u will most likely never ever get any but those are the cheap price ranges], when i was younger you paid 20D-Mark (about 10 euro) and ppl thought it was expensive


FIFA 16 Maltese Premier League

I know that the majority of you here probably don't care about the Maltese league (my home country's league) since it may not be that popular. However a high percentage of gamers here in Malta own Fifa and are huge fans of the game. We think that although it maybe a small league it deserves a place with Cheap FUT 16 Coins since Maltese teams also participate in CL and Europa league preliminary play-offs. It would be very special for us and very grateful if the message is passed on to EA by helping us promote this petition :) The least thing we can do is try.

I can admit I don't have relevant statistical to support me. However yes we are a small population with a lot of people huge fans of football and fans of foreign teams too especially the Barclays prem League and Serie A in Italy. And yes many gamers my age teenagers normally spend their time competing on FUT. Many buy a console just to play Fifa.

To be fair with all of you I'm more pissed that EA actually removed creation centre. That used to solve this problem. There have been people who actually took the time to create a small domestic league for those who would care to download it. So yeah as someone pointed out it would be better if they put in new game modes AND bring creation centre back

You deserve credit there cause you were constructive and made valid points. You may be right. What's really odd is that EA rarely includes small leagues. If they at least had included a small league per title it would be awesome. I think they have time to work on new leagues on a relatively 'usual' game release each year.

The only reason they rarely add small leagues in because it is not worth the money and time in getting the licenses for the amount of people that would use Fifa 16 account. For example my league is in FIFA and our best player I think is like 66 rated max not sure I would never use them so how would ea expect people from different country's to less be honest use these shit players

This game still needs the Brazilian and Ukrainian leagues back in here before we can talk about something like Maltese leagues though. Honestly, Vanarama Conference might be a better deal for EA than Malta.


FIFA 16: players downgrades

Vidic-absolutely horrendous for Inter. As a Juventino I'm sorry for our rivals in Milan. Evra-he was horrible in the beginning but managed to adapt serie A. Nonetheless he doesn't deserve 80. Llorente-he was godlike under Conte but not so good under Allegri. Asamoah-he's been injured for the entire season and yet to play on Fifa 16 Mobile Petition. I like him but I think he deserves a downgrade. Ogbonna-he should go silver. Bad bad choice Ranocchia-should go silver De Sciglio-problematic for Milan. Should go silver El Shaarawy-underperforming. Should go 1-2 points lower

As an Inter fan who watches every match, I must say that although Vidic was terrible at the start of the season, he has been a lot better under Mancini. I think an 82 would still be fair. Edit: And Rano definitely isn't silver. I'm not a huge fan of his, but he does play to about a 77 rating. Podolski should be silver too

Was wondering where you watch all of the Fifa 16 news? Do you get them on tv or stream them somewhere? I would love to watch all of their matches but it's always on a shitty stream

I've sick of shit players with an average of 80 or more just because they play in the BPL yet some amazing real life performing players like Pastore need a winter fucking upgrade just to reach 80 and still get a terrible stat distribution and they aren't even rare gold.

remember when Pastore was playing in Palermo, was the biggest talent in the Serie A (and the world at that time, and most sought after) and has only improved since then, all though injuries have troubled him. Still fut16coin agree it's an absolute joke.. Dont know what they put in the water in Sicily cause now they got Dybala

he has only scored once in a season and has gotten free Fifa coins. he has scored one time, while taking more shots per 90 than anyone else on liverpool. Giroud who has 14 goals this season is a 79. if you think a striker who doesn't score should be rated higher than one who does you are out of your mind.

but Giroud hasen't been that great he doesn't deserve an upgrade, and while were are at it we need to upgrade almost every other striker cause if they have scored more than once in a top five league then they need to be higher rated than Balo, Balotelli deserves a downgrade and a heavy one.

Yeah balo hasnt been very good of course but he hasnt gotten that much 1st team action and brendan rodgers didnt put in the effort to get the best out of him. When a manager buys a player he should have a good role for the player in the squad. You cant just throw him in and expect lots of goals.


The new talents in FIFA 16

Liverpool, they have been my first choice ever since FIFA15. It's gonna be weird though without Gerrard this year. Might try to loan him in or buy him back. Also a lot of new talent, lots of choices up front, no Sterling, Ibe might be getting an upgrade so I might use him as a starter.

I've actually already decided all the teams I will use in FIFA 16. First like I mentioned Liverpool. Then Inter Milan, Dortmund, Chelsea, Aston Villa/West Ham and lastly will be Fulham.

I always do Arsenal, I try to keep it as realistic as possible and avoid signing any big players except for one every season or two. A lot more fun to play as a big club but buy on budget and realistic. In 15 bought K.S.Y from Swansea Ghoulam, Timo Werner.

Celtic. Set up a YA in Scotland. Develop my team. Probably end up selling Van Dijk in a couple of seasons for big money and use that to buy a few solid players. I want to sign Zlatan for his last year or two even if he is low rated(I'll be his MLS). I might edit him beforehand to add some stamina so he won't retire really early. Long term goal to reach later stages of CL or win a lot of Fifa coins. Probably will sim against lower teams. I'll be adding Rangers to the top division as well

FC Groningen- The club my friend supports. We always both start at Groningen and then play while chatting via Skype (PS chat sucks)
AC Milan- Along with Man United,my favourite club abroad. It's also a nice challenge to bring them back to the top of the world.

Man United- See Milan. Although there might not be much improvement needed apart from the defense.

Portsmouth- My go to RTG, and now they have their cheap Fifa 16 coins, so yeah.
Apart from those 5, I don't really know.

EDIT: How did I forgot about Newcastle?! They look to be a really fun team to use next year, including one of my favourite Fifa (and rl) players Gini!


FIFA 16: Four Details of Career Mode

Changes has coming to FIFA 16, FIFA 16 has been changes rightfully. Career mode has been unable to compete with FIFA's other game modes for the last few years, lacking a draw and ultimately a realistic feel. Previous titles have sported an arguably boring array of features, not giving the mode that replay value that it so rightfully deserves.

Latest News on FIFA 16: FIFA 16 Price Ranges, FIFA 16 Draft FAQ, FIFA 16 Will Feature Vanishing Spray, FIFA 16 Feature in Gamescom 2015, 7 Impactful Changes Coming to FIFA 16.

However, that all might be about to change. FIFA 16 Career Mode will be subject to some interesting improvements, which can be found below:

Pre-Season Tournaments:
This feature will offer gamers a chance to play within one of three pre-season tournaments. The teams that compete in the friendly tournaments will be decided by the calibre of the club you are managing, however players will be able to choose not only the trophy that they want to compete for, but the location and prize money can also be selected.

Any financial proceeds will be added to the player's transfer budget, bolstering their presence in the transfer market. Unlike previous titles this FIFA will also offer unlimited transfers during friendlies, allowing players to make up to six substitutions at one time.

Player training routines:
FIFA 16 will mark the first time that EA Sports will allow gamers to tailor the training routines of individual players, which is a very big step forward for the title. Many FIFA fans also play PC's very own Football Manager game, which holds a career mode model that FIFA can only hope to replicate in the future. Training is certainly another step towards that model, allowing managers to spot the weaknesses of their squad and attempt to improve them accordingly.

For example/ a manager might notice that his team needs to improve in front of goal. Instead of having pretty much no control over how their players grow (like in previous games,) the manager could choose the players in question, ask them to work on their attacking game, consequently aiding to improve the problem in hand. Alongside that, the game will indicate how much the player has improved in terms of value as they train, showing their development from a financial perspective.

Ultimately, managers in FIFA 16 Career Mode will seemingly be given more power, and more control in terms of how they can shape their squad's development.

Licensing for the Bundesliga:
FIFA players will remember that the previous title marked the first-ever official licensing agreement between the game and the Premier League. This allowed FIFA to really focus on English football with their cheap Fifa 16 coins, captuing every ground in England's top division, and now this year its going to be Germany that receives similiar treatment.

Germany is home to many of the brightest talents in world football today as the country reigned victorious in the 2014 World Cup, Brazil. It's not only the players that attract, though. World class stadiums are spread across the whole of the country, including the Allianz arena, Berliner Olympiastadion, Signal Iduna Park and much much more.

EA Sports intends to bring the Bundesliga to the same level as the Premier League in their new game, which is very good news for all career mode fans, offering another dynamic.

Career Mode transfer window:
The transfer system in many previous FIFA games have been pretty disappointing, directly contradictory to reality at times. EA Sports has seemingly put in place a whole range of features that could nip this issue in the bud, so to speak.

Free agents: Players that are listed as a free agent will be able to sign for clubs outside of the transfer windows, something that has not been implemented in previous titles.

Scout reports: Scouts will be available inside Career Mode as usual, however instead of expiring after three months, in FIFA 16 they will last for an entire year.

Transfer budgets: EA Sports has realised that many clubs have previously been given seriously unrealistic transfer budgets, and FUTHead TV claims that this is now a non-issue. Budgets have been set fairly as the amount of money granted will specifically reflect the financial situation of each club. Also, transfer budgets that have not been spent will carry over to the following season, another new feature.

Loaning players: There has been an increase in two year loans in recent years, and now it would seem that FIFA 16 will deliver on adding this option. Also, short-term loans will now be 6 months long, as opposed to the 3 month system used in previous titles.


The emotional intelligence of FIFA 16

My wish for FIFA 16 is that they don't waste time and resources adding useless new "features" to the game like emotional intelligence and the ability to see individual blades of grass.

Instead, just make my players more intelligent.
Give them more "loose ball awareness" so they don't just stare at the ball like idiots when its rolling 3 yards past them when they could easily intercept it or recover the ball instead of running away in the complete opposite direction, or go completely clueless any time the ball is in the air. ESPECIALLY in the box where theres a loose ball just bouncing around, none of my players go for the ball, and if they do, they take unnecessary extremely sluggish movements/touches on the ball that allow the defense to easily clear instead of my stupid player just kicking the ball into the net like they should.

Allow my players to know how to run TOWARDS passes instead of just being nailed to the pitch while the defender runs in and intercepts the ball.

Along the same lines, give us a little help with the power on passes...especially in the box. So many times my players make these weak little dink passes (especially more cheap Fifa 16 coins) that dont even make it to the other player because they are so slow and easy to intercept. If you try to add more power, and add slightly too much, it goes to the completely wrong person. Passing on the demo seemed amazing - maybe it was because it was so starkly contrasted with 14 since that was what I was playing immediately before that but it has seemed to get progressively worse as the full game was released, and then patched.

Give my players more common sense when picking the path of their pass so they don't just kick it right at the shins of the defender standing DIRECTLY in front of them instead of passing around them for an easy interception.
Lastly, fix the darn goalkeepers. Not a lot more needs to be said about this but sometimes it seems like the keepers are actively trying NOT to save the ball.

I know a lot of this is easier said than done, programming-wise, but after so many iterations of FIFA over the years and countless useless features implemented year after year, you gotta start to buy Fifa 16 coins, if EA was instead devoting all of that time and effort strictly into improving gameplay and mechanics how much better of a game would we have on our hands???


The longtime FUT player of FIFA 16

The elimination of a free market is the first step in Socialist theory, along with the nationalization of independent business.

History has taught us that this is modus operandi of all dictatorships wishing to create an utopian society of 'equality'. It is classic Marxist theory, with a little Stalin muscle to back it.

Yes, this is just a game, and hardly comparable to the Cuban Revolution, Soviet Russia, or Kim Il Sung's regime, but in the end it is human nature and emotions that will be at play. So, here's what will happen:

By setting a price band, EA has manufactured the end of two things: Inflation and Deflation. The inflation of goods (players) has been capped to a point where there is no longer profit to be found in investing. Why? Simple capitalism. The only reason anyone buys stock is the belief that every company has the potential for a golden breakthrough, and one will own the next Microsoft or Apple. Investment is the belief that an expenditure will provide returns with Fifa 16 coins xbox one. But there is now a visible cap to all ROI (Return on Investment). This means that everyone knows a player will never go past a certain number, and this eliminates the promise of investing in players. Face it, No one is going to buy more than one player X when you know that every other player X on the market will be available for comparable price. No longer will there be fluctuations, as there is no room to fluctuate to.

so what will we see? Simple: Hoarding of personal use goods. If people buy a desirable player for market cap (as is the only way anyone selling that card will be willing to list it), they will feel no need to list it on the market, as they know they will not be able to sell it for more than they bought it for, and with the 5% tax, there is definitely a penalty for engaging in market trade, we will see the continuation of "extinct" players.

Without inflation there will no longer be an urgency to engage in market trading. People's Fifa 16 coins will be much more precious, as everyone will be reluctant to take a loss of their hard earned coins to make experiment teams, vanity teams, etc. We will all know that a loss is unrecoverable by market trading.

At the other end we now have a cap on deflation. This is potentially more devastating to the poorer users of the game. There will no longer be the natural curve of market prices on used goods. towards the final 3 or 4 months of a release titles life span, prices of the midrange players (think Gotze) used to slide down till they were in reach of more 'casual' players who haven't been accumulating wealth via trading (which will cease to exist anyway) or via massive number of games played.

With a now minimum price, that is far above what the natural deflation would have been by the end of the games cycle (when untold thousands of Gotzes have been issued), all you will see is those thousands of Gotzes on sale for minimum bid, and if you're the seller, you have nearly zero chance of simply selling the damn thing, as you can no longer undercut competitors. Of course buyers at the low spectrum will NOT be buying, because they will not spend that much coin on what is no longer a player worth his price.


EA have done well with FIFA 16

It's weird to see that TOTY Kroos was extinct when he had a maximum price of 250K, but is selling for less than 250K now his max got updated to 280K. This is all about hoarding and hoarders panic selling later on. It's pretty much those hoarders who ruin the game for 'normal' people who would like to actually PLAY with those players. If EA for example announces that price ranges won't be adjusted anymore, almost every 'extinct'(hoarded) player will come available on the market within a day. This price ranges would work perfectly, if only EA finds a way to stop hoarding, for example give everyone a limit of one of the same player in their club at a time(exception for pack pulled players of course).

I believe hoarding will not exist in FIFA 16 because the reason people are hoarding their players in the first place is because they bought them for a ridiculous price before the price bands were put into place. So they figure that their is no point in selling the players in which they spent a shit load of cheap Fifa 16 coins on, but little do they even realize that the more they hold off on selling the players, the lower their price continues to drop. Since price bands will be in FUT 16 from the start, there shouldnt be any hoarding.

I've been calling for this for years now. There should be no reason to have 2 of the same card unless you're trying to make someone else pay more for it than you did.

Everyone on here complained so much about coin selling, but trading was the main reason for the crazy market. People were sitting on 10+ SIF Lacazettes for months and his price reached well over 2mil for no reason. Every trader had their certain cards they stuck to and kept those prices from dropping. It was really ruining things for the people that actually want to use the cards rather than turn them for profit.

Fair enough. But I'm saying, when I'm trying to build a new team and want to get Eriksen on the cheap, you guys are the same ones I end up in a price war with, and it's fairly annoying when you know the other guy is bidding on him just to add him to the trade pile

I never suggested that they don't play. Just that it's annoying wanting to play with a player and competing with people buying him when they've already got a trade pile full of that card.

The game and market would probably be better off if they added greater performance based rewards to make Fifa 16 coins and limited everyone to buying one of each card.


FIFA 16 retail price discussions

If I was to put my money on something, it would be prices dropping for the rest of FUT 15.

The newly introduced price ranges have made it a lot more troublesome to buy / sell coins, and the 75 match/day limit has made it largely impossible for coin farmers to generate new coins at a decent rate.

Some people have argued that the market already is beyond repair, meaning that the already present coins will make prices stay high. The reasoning behind this argument is that the amount of Fifa 16 coins going out of circulation is very limited, and hence that the demand side of the economy will remain constant. On top of that, coins will continue to flow into the market due to legit match earnings and pack purchases.

From an economical perspective, it's always important to consider the supply side as well as consumer savings when predicting the price development. In this case, both aspects are important.

With regards to the supply side, it's worth noting that new items keep entering the market throughout the year. The most notable event (that we current know of) is TOTS. How are people going to pay for TOTS players and new informs? In last week's economy (before price ranges), a good deal of the informs and TOTS players would be bought with purchased coins. In today's economy, it remains unquestionable that the percentage of purchased coins being used to fund the purchase of informs and TOTS players will be a lot lower.

Hence, there are basically two ways to fund the purchase of informs and TOTS cards: Either people have to (a) sell valuable items currently stored in their clubs or (b) they will have to spend coins they would otherwise have saved for later use.

To the extent that people start selling their possessions to generate sufficient funding to purchase new items, the supply of the players previously stored in their possession will increase, meaning that the prices of these items will drop.

To the extent that people spend coins which they would otherwise have saved, these Fut 16 coins will be out of circulation for other purposes because they will be tied up by whatever items they are used to buy.

Hence, the inevitable conclusion must be that we should begin to see prices to drop, although it's hard to predict exactly how it is going to hit us.

A likely scenario is that it will hit across the marked in the sense that currently owned items will come up for sale a a higher ratio, and perhaps that some of them will drop towards the lower end of their price ranges. In addition, it is likely that TOTS cards will sell at a lower price level than TOTY cards. As an example, I wouldn't be surprised if we will see blue Ronaldos up for sale for more than milliseconds when we reach the TOTS releases.


Open packs of FIFA 16

When you want to open packs, remember how shit they are and how annoyed you get afterwards for wasting money on them, remember what $40 could get you outside of gaming. Think of what you could've bought with the $400 you've spent so far too, think of how you could have bought x amount of games or where you could've gone. Write down how much you've spent on FIFA somewhere near where you play, some place you'll see when you're playing the game so you can't ignore it.

Try to stay away from YouTube videos involving pack openings as well, don't tempt yourself. Same goes for this place, try to spend less time here/ignore pack opening threads.

If you still want to open packs, open bronze packs instead, especially at this time of the year when the ToTW is made of mostly silver and bronze cards.

This post is very important to the future of FUT. I'm sure EA gets thousands of parents complaining to them about this game and how it promotes gambling, addiction etc. i think this why they need to do something in FUT 16 and change how much coins you get from actually playing the game . Win or lose you should get way more then 400 coins a game . It's ridiculous this poor kid spending all his money on this game. EA DO THE RIGHT THING AND STOP BEING GREEDY!!!

I was nearly in the same boat as you, started playing FUT last year and loved the thrill of opening packs. I probably spent about $100 or so early on and I was very disappointed in what I had gotten back. Fast forward to the World Cup mode, and I ended spending about 750k of my earned coins through trading on the WC packs.

I got a better return on the WC players, but absolute garbage in the 5k packs in the normal FUT mode(To clarify for those that weren't around FIFA this time last year, every World Cup packs had a voucher for a 5k redeemable pack in regular FUT). My packs were so bad that I actually made myself stop and keep the 200k I had left. From that point on, I pretty much got over my own pack addiction. I've probably opened 40 gold packs at most this year, all through FIfa 16 coins and spent only $10 in real cash.

Whatever happened has happened, you won't get your $400 back, but just take this as a lesson and remind yourself how bad the value you get in return from packs is and go from there.