Thoughts/Impressions of FIFA 16

It's weird, the fast players don't feel fast and the slow players feel very very slow. For example in fut draft my strikers were inform ronaldo and alexis sanchez and they seemed no faster then the other guys zabaleta and kompany. And I have kroos in my midfield and he feels like he's barely moving, overall it just kind of feels really heavy, like my players are moving through syrup, if that makes any sense

In other words; run at the defence of your opponent and breeze past his defenders easily. I played the demo of FIFA 16 and I was pleasantly surprised in how they fixed that. They might have made the really fast players a tad too slow though, a very little buff of their pace might rebalance that.

To be honest, that sounds like a good thing to me. I think defenders should be able to keep up with attackers over a short distance but as for long distance foot races, pace should definitely come in to action then.
The past FIFAs just felt like players with 90 pace had 190 pace. Plus it should decrease the amount of pace abusers.

That and a player running unfettered compared to a player running whilst controlling a ball is a thing that should be considered, even when natural abilities are taken into account.

There isn't an insane difference in speed between players at the top echelon, and FIFA articificially seemed to imply that there was.

I think what this game needs is a mechanism or at least an instruction that tells defenders to track the runs of attackers. So if your Ronaldos, Bales, Neymars etc start making a run with Fifa 16 coins, the defenders shouldn't stick to their line, one should track him until that player runs offside then they should drop back to formation.

Obviously if your 65 pace defender has a good few yards on the attacker, then it might seem like he keeps up. To be fair, in real life most defenders can usually keep up with attackers, they would lose in a foot race for sure, but that attacker has a ball to deal with which kills their pace a little every second or so.

I'm wary that some people may find some weird exploit and spread it everywhere.. but according to latest Fifa 16 news, it plays wonderfully. You have to be careful with the ball. You Dont have to crawl up field but you have to be smart and precise. This is football. Not that sprint/lob fest we've become accustomed to seeing.

pace is more relevant than in the demo but not as much as previous years, It is definitely harder to find space to abuse it but when you do get room it works as it has always.

Passing is also notably harder as it was in the demo and a more patient style may well be beneficial this year. Again this is from just one game as I spent my first hour mainly opening packs but I feel these are all teething problems that'll hopefully be unnoticeable when I'm more used to the game.

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