FIFA 16 Player Career Hopes

So, I assume most of you saw this and I really hope this kind of thing is integrated into player career. Player career has always been one of my first game modes I play on any new Fifa and I really want to see them work on it more.

Here's what I hope: I hope that instead of having challenges to level up your stats, you complete training sessions. So there will be training sessions on dribbling, shooting, etc and that levels up the stat. You may say people can abuse that by just grinding out the sessions, but say you can only do a certain amount of sessions per calendar day, so it limits how much you can work on and it really makes you plan out how you want to upgrade your player.

One of the problems fut16coin hated about player career was playing 2, maybe 3 seasons and ending up at one of the big clubs so fast. So if they wanted to drag out your player upgrades, they could just have training sessions that award you XP towards that stat, so it may take a few sessions to level up a stat.

I think it could be really fun and I really hope this is integrated into Fifa 16. It would help with making up the days you simulate and can really improve your game in Fifa overall.

That's what I hope they'll do, if not in Fifa 16, then in 17. Would love to hear what you guys think.

I can't believe I've finally found someone else who is interested in this! Every time I watch and interview with a developer or one of those 'new feature' request videos I get frustrated that no one else seems to notice how weird it is that you can't start games on the bench!

Futhead interviewed Santiago, producer of career mode. The new training feature is available for Player mode as well. Growth obtained through training is an addition to the normal growth from in-game achievements. So now you'll be able to get signed by Bayern in your first winter transfer window.

This is a small thing, but I hope they fix the long sleeve glitch in career mode. If you go in and make any changes to a player like their shoes, or in my case I always untuck the shirts of my academy players because I'm OCD like that, they never wear long sleeves during the winter months. It just looks weird.

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