New Division System for FIFA16

As we all now, the current division system is DIV 10 to DIV 1. Why do I want to change this system? First of all, it is really unbalanced. I can be in div1 one day, and div 4 the other day. Earlier today I was in div5, now I am in div2. It is too small difference between the divisions, and it is the same chance that you will meet a full TOTY in div8 then in div2, which makes the whole division system terrible. In my concept, it will be a big gap between the best and the worst fifa players, so the good will play against the good, and the bad will play agains the bad. It is more IRL realistic, because Real Madrid doesnt play against MK Dons.

Lets start. Is there any League of Legends players here? I would like to have their ranked system inverted in fifa seasons on FIFA16. It's bacisally like this: You got Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Challenger. At each level there is 5 divisions. (Ex: Bronze I, Bronze II, Bronze III, Bronze IV, Bronze V). Bronze V is the worst division you can be in, and Challenger is the best.

There is 100 points in each divisions. Lets say you get 30 points for winning a match, you get no points for tie, and you loose 30 points if you loose a match. When you got yourself 100 points, you have to win 2 out of 3 matches to promote to next division. (Ex: You got 100points in Bronze II, and you win 2/3 matches, you are now in Bronze I). Now if you get to 100 points again, you need to win 3 out of 5, because it is a league promo, not division. Because if you win 3 out of 5, you end up in Silver V.

After Silver V, it is Silver IV, then Silver III, Silver II, Silver I, then Gold V, Gold IV and so on. But of course, it is possible to relegate. If you gets down to 0 points, you will need to win your next match to stay in your divisision. (NOTE: You will not relegate at 0 points, but you will relegate if you LOOSE when at 0 points).

How to earn Fifa coins through playing matches in this concept? When promoted to a higher division you get 10.000 coins, and when promoted to a new league (Ex: from Silver I to Gold V), you get 25.000 coins. When relegated you does not loose anything, because the relegation is a real possibility itself is sad enough.

So yeah, that's basically my concept. I find this way better than the current one, because it is not really a proud thing to say you are in DIV 1, when there is only 10 divisions. In my concept there is technically 25 divisions. Another good thing about this is that a loss doesnt really infect you as much as it does now. If you got like 60 points in a league, you will get 30 when defeated, but that is not too bad. It is worse when you have match limit on 10 games.

In my concept there is not any match limit, so you can technically stay in one division for 7 months, if youre winning, loosing, winning, loosing, winning and so on constantly. When youre at lower divisions/league you will have no problem to climb to higher divisions/leagues.


Predictions of FIFA 16

I have some predictions and a wishlist that I want to share with you guys to see what you think. These are open for discussion.

Pro Clubs might get some spotlight -If the FUT situation continues through FIFA 16, I'm pretty sure Pro Clubs might get some spotlight EA will add a Two Door Cinema Club -Every year, (except for this one) they've always added a Two Door Cinema Club. There is going to be that one song from the game that will end up on my Music Library. -Most likely it will be similar to Milky Chance. The UI will be different (Except for Game Plan) -Every 2 years, FIFA has looked different

Commentators have more stuff to talk about -This year mostly what they talked about was the World Cup which really annoyed me. Also I wish they could talk less smack about the team thats losing. Custom Kits and Badges for Pro Clubs -I would love a Custom Badge and Kit for my Pro Club. For the Custom badge, EA could make a specific team for approving the Badges and using the in the game. (This is to prevent any inappropriate Badges) So what we would do is, upload a .PNG and wait for approval. For the Kits, we could have the option the make a Kit from Nike, Adidas, Pumas, etc.

Fix the servers -I think this is one we all have in our wishlist. Now that they took down the Giant (Fut 16 coins selling), they can focus on stuff like this and fix it. Matchmaking in Drop-in matches. -Not that they don't do that, but I wish they could do it like Call of Duty, same lobby and same people. Also try doing a perfect 11v11 matches. More game modes -Seasons is fun, FUT is fun, and Pro Clubs is fun. But more game modes would be cool. (If you guys have any idea of game modes, leave it in the comments)


I will buy FIFA 16, how about you

Honestly, FIFA 15 is one of the worst FIFA's in recent years. Almost none of the problems in the recent games have been fixed, a new and revamped "ball physics" is barely noticeable yet the game's entire advertising campaign was focused on that.

Online is still as terrible as ever. It seems goalkeeping errors are even WORSE than previous games, half-way line shots get scored frequently because the AI goalkeeper just spazzes out. There's also terrible teammate AI, I often see players standing around doing nothing while I'm making runs and they won't support me. This year's PES feels much more natural, and you have less frustration due to the game's mechanics being broken. I've had multiple losses in Ultimate Team because the game disconnects at the end of a match I won and gives me the DNF bullshit.

I love career mode, but it is basically the same except some noticeable (for me) improvements to player growth and that players over 30 don't just drop ratings dramatically any more.

You could play FIFA 14 and have basically the same experience in FIFA 15. Why haven't they added anything new? Like some actual depth in career mode? If you have a team in the Football Championship win the Premier League in 5 or 6 years, why do you still have less than $20 mil a year on budget? I recall older FIFA career modes having the option to chose your sponsorship and affects how much budget you have, why in the world did they take content out of the game?

With the recent complete bombshell of NHL 15, and Madden 25 being horrible and Madden 15 being ok, I think I'll pass on FIFA 16 unless I see some actual improvement on the game.

Only reason i get fifa every year is the hope in me that tells me that maybe this game will be about skill without the BS and EAids... i dont fucking care about the Fifa coins sellers/ppl without skill with full TOTY squads.. just want to win because im the better player and lose vs a BETTER opponent and not vs a fucking loser who uses 90+ Pace shitty 60 finishing players who actually perform better than my players like Lewandowski and shit.

FIFA 16: be a winner in Ultimate Team

Hey, I wanted to see how many people have won division 1 on UT and how they have done it, eg. Which team / Formation because I'm really getting frustrated at the moment because it seems like you don't have control over your UT games.

In seasons in fifa 14 I won division 1 with a record like 50-9-7 in around a month and in the first go and It took me 7 months to win division 1 on ultimate team. This year, I have 38-11-2 record in seasons, Division 4 but on ultimate team I just can't play equally as well. There are some factors that make me lose that are literally uncontrollable. Give me some tips on players/formations you've used to win division 1 on ultimate team..Thank you!

I've played FIFA since 08 and won division 1 close to 20 times last FIFA and a few times this year. And honestly the best way is to learn how to pass the ball.

You know how many times people have played against opponents who just run through your team with your poor Fifa 16 account? Probably countless more times than they have played against a good passer who exploits the gaps and plays patient.

Or last year it was the running down the flanks and crossing it. Point being, don't play like most people play that year, you may want to do that after you get smashed by Ibarbo or whatever, but just remember there are millions of ways to pass through an defence, but there's only one way of running with a lot of Fifa 16 coins.

Also have a balanced team. It may seem more exciting to have a Iniesta or Messi playing at CDM than it would to have a Matic or a De Rossi, but it makes a huge difference. Especially this year since it's easier to counter-attack since pace is such a huge factor, so you don't want your holding midfielders all the way in the attack.

I play with the 4-3-3(5) since it offers a good balance of width, midfield and attacking force. Any other formation with a stacked midfield works for me too. But then again if you feel like your style is working you could just keep working on it instead.