The empty seats in FIFA 16

I'm gonna be honest, I'd love if this feature was implemented. Doing worse? Less fans are gonna show up. Doing awesome? More are gonna show and cheer louder. Depending on how loyal a fan base is equates to how long they'll put up with a shitty team. I love stuff like that.

Location of stadium is far more important than bandwagoners, now that city have moved to a predominately utd area, less of the traditional supporters can afford to factor in the cost of travel with an ever rising season ticket price.
Gloryhunters turn up for 1 or two games a year if they live in the same country, one or two games in their life if they don't. I had a season ticket at city for over a decade.

I don't mean to sound smug but if anyone's going to know about the change in a club once it's got money and won things I think I would.

The reason city's ground is empty on occasion is simple and complex, they've priced out a lot of Cheap FUT 16 Coins, they expanded the already half empty family stand to the full north stand and they expanded corporate areas to the entire middle tiers of the east and Colin Bell stand, meaning lower-middle class fans were priced out of those sections.

I have yet to see a sports game really nail it. When you score a 90' screamer to win an El Classico or to beat your rival and remain atop the standings, your fans should be going ballistic. Camera shakes, stuff falling on the edges of the field, you can't quite make out what the announcers are saying... They focus on the emotion of the players but quite honestly, it's the emotion of the fans that we as players most interact with. They're at the corner of our screens and center of our speakers. Always such an underrated part of the game.

This is all I want. I want to hit a game winner in stoppage time and have the place just come apart. Flares, Streamers, beer getting flung all over the place. I want to go in the stands with the fans. If getting this means I can't see the pimple on Ronaldo's fine ass so be it. I would gladly give up some graphicsif it means a more fun/realistic experience

To be fair I haven't been to a football match the times i visited England. In Germany ppl rant about 3€ price increase. e.g. on the Südtribüne in Dortmund the cheapest tickets (standing ofc) are like 15-18€ [u will most likely never ever get any but those are the cheap price ranges], when i was younger you paid 20D-Mark (about 10 euro) and ppl thought it was expensive


FIFA 16 Maltese Premier League

I know that the majority of you here probably don't care about the Maltese league (my home country's league) since it may not be that popular. However a high percentage of gamers here in Malta own Fifa and are huge fans of the game. We think that although it maybe a small league it deserves a place with Cheap FUT 16 Coins since Maltese teams also participate in CL and Europa league preliminary play-offs. It would be very special for us and very grateful if the message is passed on to EA by helping us promote this petition :) The least thing we can do is try.

I can admit I don't have relevant statistical to support me. However yes we are a small population with a lot of people huge fans of football and fans of foreign teams too especially the Barclays prem League and Serie A in Italy. And yes many gamers my age teenagers normally spend their time competing on FUT. Many buy a console just to play Fifa.

To be fair with all of you I'm more pissed that EA actually removed creation centre. That used to solve this problem. There have been people who actually took the time to create a small domestic league for those who would care to download it. So yeah as someone pointed out it would be better if they put in new game modes AND bring creation centre back

You deserve credit there cause you were constructive and made valid points. You may be right. What's really odd is that EA rarely includes small leagues. If they at least had included a small league per title it would be awesome. I think they have time to work on new leagues on a relatively 'usual' game release each year.

The only reason they rarely add small leagues in because it is not worth the money and time in getting the licenses for the amount of people that would use Fifa 16 account. For example my league is in FIFA and our best player I think is like 66 rated max not sure I would never use them so how would ea expect people from different country's to less be honest use these shit players

This game still needs the Brazilian and Ukrainian leagues back in here before we can talk about something like Maltese leagues though. Honestly, Vanarama Conference might be a better deal for EA than Malta.


FIFA 16: players downgrades

Vidic-absolutely horrendous for Inter. As a Juventino I'm sorry for our rivals in Milan. Evra-he was horrible in the beginning but managed to adapt serie A. Nonetheless he doesn't deserve 80. Llorente-he was godlike under Conte but not so good under Allegri. Asamoah-he's been injured for the entire season and yet to play on Fifa 16 Mobile Petition. I like him but I think he deserves a downgrade. Ogbonna-he should go silver. Bad bad choice Ranocchia-should go silver De Sciglio-problematic for Milan. Should go silver El Shaarawy-underperforming. Should go 1-2 points lower

As an Inter fan who watches every match, I must say that although Vidic was terrible at the start of the season, he has been a lot better under Mancini. I think an 82 would still be fair. Edit: And Rano definitely isn't silver. I'm not a huge fan of his, but he does play to about a 77 rating. Podolski should be silver too

Was wondering where you watch all of the Fifa 16 news? Do you get them on tv or stream them somewhere? I would love to watch all of their matches but it's always on a shitty stream

I've sick of shit players with an average of 80 or more just because they play in the BPL yet some amazing real life performing players like Pastore need a winter fucking upgrade just to reach 80 and still get a terrible stat distribution and they aren't even rare gold.

remember when Pastore was playing in Palermo, was the biggest talent in the Serie A (and the world at that time, and most sought after) and has only improved since then, all though injuries have troubled him. Still fut16coin agree it's an absolute joke.. Dont know what they put in the water in Sicily cause now they got Dybala

he has only scored once in a season and has gotten free Fifa coins. he has scored one time, while taking more shots per 90 than anyone else on liverpool. Giroud who has 14 goals this season is a 79. if you think a striker who doesn't score should be rated higher than one who does you are out of your mind.

but Giroud hasen't been that great he doesn't deserve an upgrade, and while were are at it we need to upgrade almost every other striker cause if they have scored more than once in a top five league then they need to be higher rated than Balo, Balotelli deserves a downgrade and a heavy one.

Yeah balo hasnt been very good of course but he hasnt gotten that much 1st team action and brendan rodgers didnt put in the effort to get the best out of him. When a manager buys a player he should have a good role for the player in the squad. You cant just throw him in and expect lots of goals.


The new talents in FIFA 16

Liverpool, they have been my first choice ever since FIFA15. It's gonna be weird though without Gerrard this year. Might try to loan him in or buy him back. Also a lot of new talent, lots of choices up front, no Sterling, Ibe might be getting an upgrade so I might use him as a starter.

I've actually already decided all the teams I will use in FIFA 16. First like I mentioned Liverpool. Then Inter Milan, Dortmund, Chelsea, Aston Villa/West Ham and lastly will be Fulham.

I always do Arsenal, I try to keep it as realistic as possible and avoid signing any big players except for one every season or two. A lot more fun to play as a big club but buy on budget and realistic. In 15 bought K.S.Y from Swansea Ghoulam, Timo Werner.

Celtic. Set up a YA in Scotland. Develop my team. Probably end up selling Van Dijk in a couple of seasons for big money and use that to buy a few solid players. I want to sign Zlatan for his last year or two even if he is low rated(I'll be his MLS). I might edit him beforehand to add some stamina so he won't retire really early. Long term goal to reach later stages of CL or win a lot of Fifa coins. Probably will sim against lower teams. I'll be adding Rangers to the top division as well

FC Groningen- The club my friend supports. We always both start at Groningen and then play while chatting via Skype (PS chat sucks)
AC Milan- Along with Man United,my favourite club abroad. It's also a nice challenge to bring them back to the top of the world.

Man United- See Milan. Although there might not be much improvement needed apart from the defense.

Portsmouth- My go to RTG, and now they have their cheap Fifa 16 coins, so yeah.
Apart from those 5, I don't really know.

EDIT: How did I forgot about Newcastle?! They look to be a really fun team to use next year, including one of my favourite Fifa (and rl) players Gini!


FIFA 16: Four Details of Career Mode

Changes has coming to FIFA 16, FIFA 16 has been changes rightfully. Career mode has been unable to compete with FIFA's other game modes for the last few years, lacking a draw and ultimately a realistic feel. Previous titles have sported an arguably boring array of features, not giving the mode that replay value that it so rightfully deserves.

Latest News on FIFA 16: FIFA 16 Price Ranges, FIFA 16 Draft FAQ, FIFA 16 Will Feature Vanishing Spray, FIFA 16 Feature in Gamescom 2015, 7 Impactful Changes Coming to FIFA 16.

However, that all might be about to change. FIFA 16 Career Mode will be subject to some interesting improvements, which can be found below:

Pre-Season Tournaments:
This feature will offer gamers a chance to play within one of three pre-season tournaments. The teams that compete in the friendly tournaments will be decided by the calibre of the club you are managing, however players will be able to choose not only the trophy that they want to compete for, but the location and prize money can also be selected.

Any financial proceeds will be added to the player's transfer budget, bolstering their presence in the transfer market. Unlike previous titles this FIFA will also offer unlimited transfers during friendlies, allowing players to make up to six substitutions at one time.

Player training routines:
FIFA 16 will mark the first time that EA Sports will allow gamers to tailor the training routines of individual players, which is a very big step forward for the title. Many FIFA fans also play PC's very own Football Manager game, which holds a career mode model that FIFA can only hope to replicate in the future. Training is certainly another step towards that model, allowing managers to spot the weaknesses of their squad and attempt to improve them accordingly.

For example/ a manager might notice that his team needs to improve in front of goal. Instead of having pretty much no control over how their players grow (like in previous games,) the manager could choose the players in question, ask them to work on their attacking game, consequently aiding to improve the problem in hand. Alongside that, the game will indicate how much the player has improved in terms of value as they train, showing their development from a financial perspective.

Ultimately, managers in FIFA 16 Career Mode will seemingly be given more power, and more control in terms of how they can shape their squad's development.

Licensing for the Bundesliga:
FIFA players will remember that the previous title marked the first-ever official licensing agreement between the game and the Premier League. This allowed FIFA to really focus on English football with their cheap Fifa 16 coins, captuing every ground in England's top division, and now this year its going to be Germany that receives similiar treatment.

Germany is home to many of the brightest talents in world football today as the country reigned victorious in the 2014 World Cup, Brazil. It's not only the players that attract, though. World class stadiums are spread across the whole of the country, including the Allianz arena, Berliner Olympiastadion, Signal Iduna Park and much much more.

EA Sports intends to bring the Bundesliga to the same level as the Premier League in their new game, which is very good news for all career mode fans, offering another dynamic.

Career Mode transfer window:
The transfer system in many previous FIFA games have been pretty disappointing, directly contradictory to reality at times. EA Sports has seemingly put in place a whole range of features that could nip this issue in the bud, so to speak.

Free agents: Players that are listed as a free agent will be able to sign for clubs outside of the transfer windows, something that has not been implemented in previous titles.

Scout reports: Scouts will be available inside Career Mode as usual, however instead of expiring after three months, in FIFA 16 they will last for an entire year.

Transfer budgets: EA Sports has realised that many clubs have previously been given seriously unrealistic transfer budgets, and FUTHead TV claims that this is now a non-issue. Budgets have been set fairly as the amount of money granted will specifically reflect the financial situation of each club. Also, transfer budgets that have not been spent will carry over to the following season, another new feature.

Loaning players: There has been an increase in two year loans in recent years, and now it would seem that FIFA 16 will deliver on adding this option. Also, short-term loans will now be 6 months long, as opposed to the 3 month system used in previous titles.


The emotional intelligence of FIFA 16

My wish for FIFA 16 is that they don't waste time and resources adding useless new "features" to the game like emotional intelligence and the ability to see individual blades of grass.

Instead, just make my players more intelligent.
Give them more "loose ball awareness" so they don't just stare at the ball like idiots when its rolling 3 yards past them when they could easily intercept it or recover the ball instead of running away in the complete opposite direction, or go completely clueless any time the ball is in the air. ESPECIALLY in the box where theres a loose ball just bouncing around, none of my players go for the ball, and if they do, they take unnecessary extremely sluggish movements/touches on the ball that allow the defense to easily clear instead of my stupid player just kicking the ball into the net like they should.

Allow my players to know how to run TOWARDS passes instead of just being nailed to the pitch while the defender runs in and intercepts the ball.

Along the same lines, give us a little help with the power on passes...especially in the box. So many times my players make these weak little dink passes (especially more cheap Fifa 16 coins) that dont even make it to the other player because they are so slow and easy to intercept. If you try to add more power, and add slightly too much, it goes to the completely wrong person. Passing on the demo seemed amazing - maybe it was because it was so starkly contrasted with 14 since that was what I was playing immediately before that but it has seemed to get progressively worse as the full game was released, and then patched.

Give my players more common sense when picking the path of their pass so they don't just kick it right at the shins of the defender standing DIRECTLY in front of them instead of passing around them for an easy interception.
Lastly, fix the darn goalkeepers. Not a lot more needs to be said about this but sometimes it seems like the keepers are actively trying NOT to save the ball.

I know a lot of this is easier said than done, programming-wise, but after so many iterations of FIFA over the years and countless useless features implemented year after year, you gotta start to buy Fifa 16 coins, if EA was instead devoting all of that time and effort strictly into improving gameplay and mechanics how much better of a game would we have on our hands???


The longtime FUT player of FIFA 16

The elimination of a free market is the first step in Socialist theory, along with the nationalization of independent business.

History has taught us that this is modus operandi of all dictatorships wishing to create an utopian society of 'equality'. It is classic Marxist theory, with a little Stalin muscle to back it.

Yes, this is just a game, and hardly comparable to the Cuban Revolution, Soviet Russia, or Kim Il Sung's regime, but in the end it is human nature and emotions that will be at play. So, here's what will happen:

By setting a price band, EA has manufactured the end of two things: Inflation and Deflation. The inflation of goods (players) has been capped to a point where there is no longer profit to be found in investing. Why? Simple capitalism. The only reason anyone buys stock is the belief that every company has the potential for a golden breakthrough, and one will own the next Microsoft or Apple. Investment is the belief that an expenditure will provide returns with Fifa 16 coins xbox one. But there is now a visible cap to all ROI (Return on Investment). This means that everyone knows a player will never go past a certain number, and this eliminates the promise of investing in players. Face it, No one is going to buy more than one player X when you know that every other player X on the market will be available for comparable price. No longer will there be fluctuations, as there is no room to fluctuate to.

so what will we see? Simple: Hoarding of personal use goods. If people buy a desirable player for market cap (as is the only way anyone selling that card will be willing to list it), they will feel no need to list it on the market, as they know they will not be able to sell it for more than they bought it for, and with the 5% tax, there is definitely a penalty for engaging in market trade, we will see the continuation of "extinct" players.

Without inflation there will no longer be an urgency to engage in market trading. People's Fifa 16 coins will be much more precious, as everyone will be reluctant to take a loss of their hard earned coins to make experiment teams, vanity teams, etc. We will all know that a loss is unrecoverable by market trading.

At the other end we now have a cap on deflation. This is potentially more devastating to the poorer users of the game. There will no longer be the natural curve of market prices on used goods. towards the final 3 or 4 months of a release titles life span, prices of the midrange players (think Gotze) used to slide down till they were in reach of more 'casual' players who haven't been accumulating wealth via trading (which will cease to exist anyway) or via massive number of games played.

With a now minimum price, that is far above what the natural deflation would have been by the end of the games cycle (when untold thousands of Gotzes have been issued), all you will see is those thousands of Gotzes on sale for minimum bid, and if you're the seller, you have nearly zero chance of simply selling the damn thing, as you can no longer undercut competitors. Of course buyers at the low spectrum will NOT be buying, because they will not spend that much coin on what is no longer a player worth his price.


EA have done well with FIFA 16

It's weird to see that TOTY Kroos was extinct when he had a maximum price of 250K, but is selling for less than 250K now his max got updated to 280K. This is all about hoarding and hoarders panic selling later on. It's pretty much those hoarders who ruin the game for 'normal' people who would like to actually PLAY with those players. If EA for example announces that price ranges won't be adjusted anymore, almost every 'extinct'(hoarded) player will come available on the market within a day. This price ranges would work perfectly, if only EA finds a way to stop hoarding, for example give everyone a limit of one of the same player in their club at a time(exception for pack pulled players of course).

I believe hoarding will not exist in FIFA 16 because the reason people are hoarding their players in the first place is because they bought them for a ridiculous price before the price bands were put into place. So they figure that their is no point in selling the players in which they spent a shit load of cheap Fifa 16 coins on, but little do they even realize that the more they hold off on selling the players, the lower their price continues to drop. Since price bands will be in FUT 16 from the start, there shouldnt be any hoarding.

I've been calling for this for years now. There should be no reason to have 2 of the same card unless you're trying to make someone else pay more for it than you did.

Everyone on here complained so much about coin selling, but trading was the main reason for the crazy market. People were sitting on 10+ SIF Lacazettes for months and his price reached well over 2mil for no reason. Every trader had their certain cards they stuck to and kept those prices from dropping. It was really ruining things for the people that actually want to use the cards rather than turn them for profit.

Fair enough. But I'm saying, when I'm trying to build a new team and want to get Eriksen on the cheap, you guys are the same ones I end up in a price war with, and it's fairly annoying when you know the other guy is bidding on him just to add him to the trade pile

I never suggested that they don't play. Just that it's annoying wanting to play with a player and competing with people buying him when they've already got a trade pile full of that card.

The game and market would probably be better off if they added greater performance based rewards to make Fifa 16 coins and limited everyone to buying one of each card.


FIFA 16 retail price discussions

If I was to put my money on something, it would be prices dropping for the rest of FUT 15.

The newly introduced price ranges have made it a lot more troublesome to buy / sell coins, and the 75 match/day limit has made it largely impossible for coin farmers to generate new coins at a decent rate.

Some people have argued that the market already is beyond repair, meaning that the already present coins will make prices stay high. The reasoning behind this argument is that the amount of Fifa 16 coins going out of circulation is very limited, and hence that the demand side of the economy will remain constant. On top of that, coins will continue to flow into the market due to legit match earnings and pack purchases.

From an economical perspective, it's always important to consider the supply side as well as consumer savings when predicting the price development. In this case, both aspects are important.

With regards to the supply side, it's worth noting that new items keep entering the market throughout the year. The most notable event (that we current know of) is TOTS. How are people going to pay for TOTS players and new informs? In last week's economy (before price ranges), a good deal of the informs and TOTS players would be bought with purchased coins. In today's economy, it remains unquestionable that the percentage of purchased coins being used to fund the purchase of informs and TOTS players will be a lot lower.

Hence, there are basically two ways to fund the purchase of informs and TOTS cards: Either people have to (a) sell valuable items currently stored in their clubs or (b) they will have to spend coins they would otherwise have saved for later use.

To the extent that people start selling their possessions to generate sufficient funding to purchase new items, the supply of the players previously stored in their possession will increase, meaning that the prices of these items will drop.

To the extent that people spend coins which they would otherwise have saved, these Fut 16 coins will be out of circulation for other purposes because they will be tied up by whatever items they are used to buy.

Hence, the inevitable conclusion must be that we should begin to see prices to drop, although it's hard to predict exactly how it is going to hit us.

A likely scenario is that it will hit across the marked in the sense that currently owned items will come up for sale a a higher ratio, and perhaps that some of them will drop towards the lower end of their price ranges. In addition, it is likely that TOTS cards will sell at a lower price level than TOTY cards. As an example, I wouldn't be surprised if we will see blue Ronaldos up for sale for more than milliseconds when we reach the TOTS releases.


Open packs of FIFA 16

When you want to open packs, remember how shit they are and how annoyed you get afterwards for wasting money on them, remember what $40 could get you outside of gaming. Think of what you could've bought with the $400 you've spent so far too, think of how you could have bought x amount of games or where you could've gone. Write down how much you've spent on FIFA somewhere near where you play, some place you'll see when you're playing the game so you can't ignore it.

Try to stay away from YouTube videos involving pack openings as well, don't tempt yourself. Same goes for this place, try to spend less time here/ignore pack opening threads.

If you still want to open packs, open bronze packs instead, especially at this time of the year when the ToTW is made of mostly silver and bronze cards.

This post is very important to the future of FUT. I'm sure EA gets thousands of parents complaining to them about this game and how it promotes gambling, addiction etc. i think this why they need to do something in FUT 16 and change how much coins you get from actually playing the game . Win or lose you should get way more then 400 coins a game . It's ridiculous this poor kid spending all his money on this game. EA DO THE RIGHT THING AND STOP BEING GREEDY!!!

I was nearly in the same boat as you, started playing FUT last year and loved the thrill of opening packs. I probably spent about $100 or so early on and I was very disappointed in what I had gotten back. Fast forward to the World Cup mode, and I ended spending about 750k of my earned coins through trading on the WC packs.

I got a better return on the WC players, but absolute garbage in the 5k packs in the normal FUT mode(To clarify for those that weren't around FIFA this time last year, every World Cup packs had a voucher for a 5k redeemable pack in regular FUT). My packs were so bad that I actually made myself stop and keep the 200k I had left. From that point on, I pretty much got over my own pack addiction. I've probably opened 40 gold packs at most this year, all through FIfa 16 coins and spent only $10 in real cash.

Whatever happened has happened, you won't get your $400 back, but just take this as a lesson and remind yourself how bad the value you get in return from packs is and go from there.