FIFA 16 retail price discussions

If I was to put my money on something, it would be prices dropping for the rest of FUT 15.

The newly introduced price ranges have made it a lot more troublesome to buy / sell coins, and the 75 match/day limit has made it largely impossible for coin farmers to generate new coins at a decent rate.

Some people have argued that the market already is beyond repair, meaning that the already present coins will make prices stay high. The reasoning behind this argument is that the amount of Fifa 16 coins going out of circulation is very limited, and hence that the demand side of the economy will remain constant. On top of that, coins will continue to flow into the market due to legit match earnings and pack purchases.

From an economical perspective, it's always important to consider the supply side as well as consumer savings when predicting the price development. In this case, both aspects are important.

With regards to the supply side, it's worth noting that new items keep entering the market throughout the year. The most notable event (that we current know of) is TOTS. How are people going to pay for TOTS players and new informs? In last week's economy (before price ranges), a good deal of the informs and TOTS players would be bought with purchased coins. In today's economy, it remains unquestionable that the percentage of purchased coins being used to fund the purchase of informs and TOTS players will be a lot lower.

Hence, there are basically two ways to fund the purchase of informs and TOTS cards: Either people have to (a) sell valuable items currently stored in their clubs or (b) they will have to spend coins they would otherwise have saved for later use.

To the extent that people start selling their possessions to generate sufficient funding to purchase new items, the supply of the players previously stored in their possession will increase, meaning that the prices of these items will drop.

To the extent that people spend coins which they would otherwise have saved, these Fut 16 coins will be out of circulation for other purposes because they will be tied up by whatever items they are used to buy.

Hence, the inevitable conclusion must be that we should begin to see prices to drop, although it's hard to predict exactly how it is going to hit us.

A likely scenario is that it will hit across the marked in the sense that currently owned items will come up for sale a a higher ratio, and perhaps that some of them will drop towards the lower end of their price ranges. In addition, it is likely that TOTS cards will sell at a lower price level than TOTY cards. As an example, I wouldn't be surprised if we will see blue Ronaldos up for sale for more than milliseconds when we reach the TOTS releases.

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