FIFA 16: players downgrades

Vidic-absolutely horrendous for Inter. As a Juventino I'm sorry for our rivals in Milan. Evra-he was horrible in the beginning but managed to adapt serie A. Nonetheless he doesn't deserve 80. Llorente-he was godlike under Conte but not so good under Allegri. Asamoah-he's been injured for the entire season and yet to play on Fifa 16 Mobile Petition. I like him but I think he deserves a downgrade. Ogbonna-he should go silver. Bad bad choice Ranocchia-should go silver De Sciglio-problematic for Milan. Should go silver El Shaarawy-underperforming. Should go 1-2 points lower

As an Inter fan who watches every match, I must say that although Vidic was terrible at the start of the season, he has been a lot better under Mancini. I think an 82 would still be fair. Edit: And Rano definitely isn't silver. I'm not a huge fan of his, but he does play to about a 77 rating. Podolski should be silver too

Was wondering where you watch all of the Fifa 16 news? Do you get them on tv or stream them somewhere? I would love to watch all of their matches but it's always on a shitty stream

I've sick of shit players with an average of 80 or more just because they play in the BPL yet some amazing real life performing players like Pastore need a winter fucking upgrade just to reach 80 and still get a terrible stat distribution and they aren't even rare gold.

remember when Pastore was playing in Palermo, was the biggest talent in the Serie A (and the world at that time, and most sought after) and has only improved since then, all though injuries have troubled him. Still fut16coin agree it's an absolute joke.. Dont know what they put in the water in Sicily cause now they got Dybala

he has only scored once in a season and has gotten free Fifa coins. he has scored one time, while taking more shots per 90 than anyone else on liverpool. Giroud who has 14 goals this season is a 79. if you think a striker who doesn't score should be rated higher than one who does you are out of your mind.

but Giroud hasen't been that great he doesn't deserve an upgrade, and while were are at it we need to upgrade almost every other striker cause if they have scored more than once in a top five league then they need to be higher rated than Balo, Balotelli deserves a downgrade and a heavy one.

Yeah balo hasnt been very good of course but he hasnt gotten that much 1st team action and brendan rodgers didnt put in the effort to get the best out of him. When a manager buys a player he should have a good role for the player in the squad. You cant just throw him in and expect lots of goals.

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