New Division System for FIFA16

As we all now, the current division system is DIV 10 to DIV 1. Why do I want to change this system? First of all, it is really unbalanced. I can be in div1 one day, and div 4 the other day. Earlier today I was in div5, now I am in div2. It is too small difference between the divisions, and it is the same chance that you will meet a full TOTY in div8 then in div2, which makes the whole division system terrible. In my concept, it will be a big gap between the best and the worst fifa players, so the good will play against the good, and the bad will play agains the bad. It is more IRL realistic, because Real Madrid doesnt play against MK Dons.

Lets start. Is there any League of Legends players here? I would like to have their ranked system inverted in fifa seasons on FIFA16. It's bacisally like this: You got Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Challenger. At each level there is 5 divisions. (Ex: Bronze I, Bronze II, Bronze III, Bronze IV, Bronze V). Bronze V is the worst division you can be in, and Challenger is the best.

There is 100 points in each divisions. Lets say you get 30 points for winning a match, you get no points for tie, and you loose 30 points if you loose a match. When you got yourself 100 points, you have to win 2 out of 3 matches to promote to next division. (Ex: You got 100points in Bronze II, and you win 2/3 matches, you are now in Bronze I). Now if you get to 100 points again, you need to win 3 out of 5, because it is a league promo, not division. Because if you win 3 out of 5, you end up in Silver V.

After Silver V, it is Silver IV, then Silver III, Silver II, Silver I, then Gold V, Gold IV and so on. But of course, it is possible to relegate. If you gets down to 0 points, you will need to win your next match to stay in your divisision. (NOTE: You will not relegate at 0 points, but you will relegate if you LOOSE when at 0 points).

How to earn Fifa coins through playing matches in this concept? When promoted to a higher division you get 10.000 coins, and when promoted to a new league (Ex: from Silver I to Gold V), you get 25.000 coins. When relegated you does not loose anything, because the relegation is a real possibility itself is sad enough.

So yeah, that's basically my concept. I find this way better than the current one, because it is not really a proud thing to say you are in DIV 1, when there is only 10 divisions. In my concept there is technically 25 divisions. Another good thing about this is that a loss doesnt really infect you as much as it does now. If you got like 60 points in a league, you will get 30 when defeated, but that is not too bad. It is worse when you have match limit on 10 games.

In my concept there is not any match limit, so you can technically stay in one division for 7 months, if youre winning, loosing, winning, loosing, winning and so on constantly. When youre at lower divisions/league you will have no problem to climb to higher divisions/leagues.

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