There are some issues in FIFA 16

Seriously. Fifa has lots of issues. But people will complain regardless. The community (if you can even call it that) is shit. We're all shit. We all complain and moan.

A lot of it is just a selection bias. I mean when exploits happen for us, we stay quiet, so we don't notice it as much. But when it happens for your opponent? Game is obviously cheating etc.

I mean yeah there are bugs and the AI is dumb as rocks and keepers suck but.. The game is awesome, and I love it.

I love these little features. I mean I love all the new stuff they add so much. I love the detail and immersion stuff (though in FUT and such it does get old fast). I just wish they would focus on more than just small details and FUT. Like you know, the rest of the game modes and such.

But hey, 16 isn't out yet, and who knows how it'll be. I mean I'm gonna wager not much better, but minor improvements all throughout. I'll probably still buy it. And I'm sure most of the "lol I'm getting PES" crowd isn't willing to put their money where their mouth is.

You know i m on pc too and i can t play two games in row in peace without some glitcher show up and i hate it because i have fun to play fifa this game actually is alright even it has huge issues but god damn it i want to play online but i can t get to play it in peace for FIFA 16 Coins IOS. So i'm all complaining about it all the fucking time here but what else i can do? i can't play damn game i paid it but i can't play the mode i want to play in peace. So i really can't understand how it makes me shit? Community is shit i agree but complaining this sort of things does not make me fucking shit person.

That slogan will haunt them all year if they seriously intend to use it. No game ever is truly perfectly balanced, specially if it has PvP. I can only fathom the kids hate tweet's on EA's twitter at the slightest sight of unbalanced mechanics.

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