FIFA 16: coins selling will ruin the FIFA 16

Well this year was a shit storm in terms of bots and coin selling, but they've done a lot of work in the past 3 months, people getting warned and after ignoring the warning actually getting banned, which is something. I've been really negative about the change when I first read the news but the more I think about it, it's the best thing that could happen to FUT and it might finally have progress and variety. All we can do is hope that they won't change their minds, instead just improve the concept.

Painfully easy ways to combat coin selling without EA taking a shit on market trading. Trading gave an opportunity for anyone to afford messi. The only way to do that in FUT 16 will be to insert your credit card information. You are deluded if you think even Gareth Bale will be manageable to obtain by solely paying games in fut16 with EA dictating prices.

Imo, as someone who played 1000+ games on each of FUT 12, 11 and 10 (all pre-seasons) I think they should ditch the seasons and just increase the fifa 16 coins won per game, pre-seasons FUT was all about making a team full of players you like, or the best players in the game if you so fancied, going out and playing a game of football against a stranger on the internet.

This needs to be done across the board, especially for career mode and pro clubs which are, woefully, undersupported. The community as a whole would significantly improve if EA incorporated more rewards and/or accomplishments for passes, assists, and defense.

Instead, for any of the team modes, you have players attempting to make 80 yard runs and making it 20 or going idle whenever the opposition has possession.

They should reward all active players, not just good players, to avoid losing the playerbase. By giving huge rewards only for titles, they would probably be awarding a very small part of their playerbase, making everyone else feeling like they are being forced to buy packs because they aren't good enough. Better to increase gold per match than per title.

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