FIFA 16: the best selling franchises

Well casual players are players who don't take the time to play the game enough to figure out how it works. Why would a developer cater to a group who isn't going to play their game enough to appreciate it? They can feel however they want but creating a game for casuals will almost always make a game that is more shallow with less replay value

They are some of the best selling franchises that exist, but if you ask any fan of those franchises that has been around for more than a few titles they'll tell you the same thing I do. Same game over and over with more and more assistance to players who do not put in the time to get FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Coins, and skill and game knowledge playing less of a factor into who can/will win the game. Aside from Madden and NHL (who have no competition) more competitive gamers are leaving these franchises as well for more balanced, less forgiving games. Regardless, if you like playing FIFA I think you would be hard pressed to say a deeper game would be worse than a more shallow one, especially after you pay $60 /year for the current version.

Not please the guys who are going to buy it regardless. Besides, no matter what sports gaming companies do, their hardcore fans bitch about it. Nba 2k is the best sports game out there IMO and if you go to their forums ppl are always bitching about how it's broken.

People are hard to please. With that being said, ea is the worst sports gaming company out there be they make the most and improve the least, but they have a monopoly on the genre and I really don't see that changing any time soon.

You don't know what the vast majority of the customers are actually like, so don't talk like you know. I would consider myself a casual, but I understand soccer and how it is played. When I played FIFA 13, it was all sweaty play styles with lobbed through ball passes, sprinting for your life down a wing towards the goal box. I'm glad this game isn't like that now. I'm sure many feel the same way

Both sides of the argument here have some validity. Although casuals maybe ought to try to learn techniques that may lead to an enhanced enjoyment of the game, it is ELITIST to believe that the only way to play the game is with 5-star skills and tiki-taka possession football.

I actually believe the biggest issue isn't nerfing pace (that had to be done). The biggest issue is the unrealistic settling time on the ball. This is what slows the passing game counterintuitively to their goal to focus on build-up play. My players will revive a pass and take up to 1.5-2seconds to figure out they actually have possession. Very silly!

The sad reality of reviews/articles like this is that it usually is the consensus of the majority of fifa casual players. This leads to updates that imo "dumb down" the game to a less skill intensive, pace heavy game. It would be great if devs stopped dumbing down games for casuals, but unfortunately these individuals make up most of the sales.

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