FIFA 16: Offline and Online AI

I think a problem that has plagued EA's games in the majority of their titles is their lack of effort on their Fifa coins. It's a problem that is prevalent online as centre backs wander aimlessly around the pitch, but it is really bad offline. It seems every year rather than implement an improved AI with varying difficulties EA just puts attribute bonuses at each difficulty level.

According to the announcements they've done quite a bit of work on teammate and opponent AI. Is it any better? Who knows until we play it.
But come on you can't expect a game against the AI to be anything similar to playing a very skilled human player.

So short of giving the AI human like intelligence how do you suggest they ramp up the difficulty? If the AI players performed just like ours and had no advantages we would win every game 15-0 because we can think and the AI can't.

By the way I'm not saying playing the AI is fun, it sucks and I hate it. Just like it does in every other sports game. Some games like driving games etc you can have a reasonable AI. In sports games not so much

I don't know that's probably why I don't work for EA, I been playing for 6 months and I tried against legendary for the first time on the special tournament EA had a while back and I beat them to buy Fifa 16 coins, I decided to try it again on div 1 offline and I can never win more than 1-0 or 2-1, they never run out of stamina, they win every header offensive or defensive, And to top it off the ref always favors them. There has to be a way for the AI to be smarter not every player be on steroids.

While I don't expect the AI to perform like that, there's no way the AI should be able to catch and dispossesses your fastest forward with Mertasacker or Terry, or that all their passes connect while yours do not even if you aim correctly.

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