FIFA 16: would you like to spend some money

Like last year I won't spend a penny on FUT. fut16coin enjoys gradually building a team from scratch, starting with bronzes and replacing them even with crappy golds is very rewarding

Makes opening packs all the more interesting too as those players who would typically get discarded tend to be useful.

The better league for start is Portuguese Primeira Liga: Casillas Aboubakar Maicon Jardel Maxi Jefferson Teo Gutierrez Joao Mario William Carvalho Mitroglou Slimani Carrillo Gaitan

I dont like to spend on FIFA points but I did buy the deluxe version. 40 premium packs over 20 weeks which isnt bad. It's basically $50 worth of packs which is enough for me.

On the first day i'll probably just build up coins on offline division/tournaments with coin boosts and add to the players I get from the web app. And while this is happening i'll be doing the bronze pack method like I normally do to build up the items in my club and build up coins

At the end of the day EA want you to buy FIFA Points so why would they make it easy for you to build a good team just with FIFA 16 Ultimate Team coins? I think the ranges will start pretty high and rise. I think it will still be pretty hard to get a good team this year with out spending money or having a lot of free time to trade.

I've spent way too much on past FIFA games, so I'm gonna see if I can avoid spending anything on this one. Probably gonna start with building the Atl├ętico Madrid starting 11 and then a BBVA team with players from other clubs.

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