FIFA 16 Palyers Ratings

I haven't played fifa in years but I'm having a good laugh at how outrageous some of their player ratings are. Didn't realize how bad the ratings are lol
Smalling gets an 79 despite having been one of the three best central defenders in the league over the last season. Yet Jones who has been pretty dreadful for a while now is rated one higher?

Other central defenders rated significantly higher than Smalling
Vertonghen (82) coming off his worst season in years and is massively over-rated in the first place.

Cahil (83) who has been very inconsistent and has Chelsea fans calling for him to be dropped. Not a bad defender but 83 seems a little high, especially in comparison to Smalling.

Otamendi (84) had a fantastic season and does deserve to be higher rated than Smalling, but not by 5 whole points, especially off the back of about 40 games for Valencia.

Koscielny (83) is massively over-rated by Arsenal fans but is a really good defender nonetheless on his day. He hasn't been as consistent as Smalling nor has he been the better defender over the last season however so similar to Chail, a 4 point difference seems awfully wrong.

Rojo (81) who spent most of the season out injured or benched. Somehow got a +2 despite not really impressing anybody.
Dante (81). lol.

Alex (81) who was art of Milan's dreadful defense last year in which he picked up a few too many injuries before being dropped FUT16coin Mobille. Vermaelen (80) who got a well deserved upgrade from 79 this season after overcoming his injury problems briefly managing to make one single appearance. Very well deserved.

To put it into perspective, Smalling has the same rating as Dejan Lovren.
Also, what the fucks going on with his pace? I thought it was common knowledge that he is one of, if not the fastest player at the club. Surely if Memphis has 90 pace, Smalling should at least have about 85.

I understand other players have got silly downgrades or have been under-rated like Fellaini but Smalling just stuck out to me. How is he our lowest rated CB? These silly ratings must be why so many people have such odd and quite frankly silly opinions towards certain players in real life. 

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