FIFA 16: Four Details of Career Mode

Changes has coming to FIFA 16, FIFA 16 has been changes rightfully. Career mode has been unable to compete with FIFA's other game modes for the last few years, lacking a draw and ultimately a realistic feel. Previous titles have sported an arguably boring array of features, not giving the mode that replay value that it so rightfully deserves.

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However, that all might be about to change. FIFA 16 Career Mode will be subject to some interesting improvements, which can be found below:

Pre-Season Tournaments:
This feature will offer gamers a chance to play within one of three pre-season tournaments. The teams that compete in the friendly tournaments will be decided by the calibre of the club you are managing, however players will be able to choose not only the trophy that they want to compete for, but the location and prize money can also be selected.

Any financial proceeds will be added to the player's transfer budget, bolstering their presence in the transfer market. Unlike previous titles this FIFA will also offer unlimited transfers during friendlies, allowing players to make up to six substitutions at one time.

Player training routines:
FIFA 16 will mark the first time that EA Sports will allow gamers to tailor the training routines of individual players, which is a very big step forward for the title. Many FIFA fans also play PC's very own Football Manager game, which holds a career mode model that FIFA can only hope to replicate in the future. Training is certainly another step towards that model, allowing managers to spot the weaknesses of their squad and attempt to improve them accordingly.

For example/ a manager might notice that his team needs to improve in front of goal. Instead of having pretty much no control over how their players grow (like in previous games,) the manager could choose the players in question, ask them to work on their attacking game, consequently aiding to improve the problem in hand. Alongside that, the game will indicate how much the player has improved in terms of value as they train, showing their development from a financial perspective.

Ultimately, managers in FIFA 16 Career Mode will seemingly be given more power, and more control in terms of how they can shape their squad's development.

Licensing for the Bundesliga:
FIFA players will remember that the previous title marked the first-ever official licensing agreement between the game and the Premier League. This allowed FIFA to really focus on English football with their cheap Fifa 16 coins, captuing every ground in England's top division, and now this year its going to be Germany that receives similiar treatment.

Germany is home to many of the brightest talents in world football today as the country reigned victorious in the 2014 World Cup, Brazil. It's not only the players that attract, though. World class stadiums are spread across the whole of the country, including the Allianz arena, Berliner Olympiastadion, Signal Iduna Park and much much more.

EA Sports intends to bring the Bundesliga to the same level as the Premier League in their new game, which is very good news for all career mode fans, offering another dynamic.

Career Mode transfer window:
The transfer system in many previous FIFA games have been pretty disappointing, directly contradictory to reality at times. EA Sports has seemingly put in place a whole range of features that could nip this issue in the bud, so to speak.

Free agents: Players that are listed as a free agent will be able to sign for clubs outside of the transfer windows, something that has not been implemented in previous titles.

Scout reports: Scouts will be available inside Career Mode as usual, however instead of expiring after three months, in FIFA 16 they will last for an entire year.

Transfer budgets: EA Sports has realised that many clubs have previously been given seriously unrealistic transfer budgets, and FUTHead TV claims that this is now a non-issue. Budgets have been set fairly as the amount of money granted will specifically reflect the financial situation of each club. Also, transfer budgets that have not been spent will carry over to the following season, another new feature.

Loaning players: There has been an increase in two year loans in recent years, and now it would seem that FIFA 16 will deliver on adding this option. Also, short-term loans will now be 6 months long, as opposed to the 3 month system used in previous titles.

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