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FIFA 16 Gameplay Tips: Intermediate Skill Moves Tutorial

If you want to have success into the pitch, you must to know the basic controls of the game.
In this tutorial we will share with you the best FIFA 16 tips about intermediate skill moves.

Intermediate Skill Moves Tutorial

Perform more challenging skill moves to create space and beat defenders. Intermediate skill moves in FIFA 16 include the stand fake pass, heel flick turn, and simple rainbow.

To do the stand fake pass hold RT (XBox) / R2 (Playstation) while standing still and perform a fake shot by powering up with the shoot button and cancelling with the short pass button. Your player will kick the ball and then drag it back again with the sole of their foot.

To perform the heel flick turn, hold RB (XBox) / R1 (Playstation) and flick the right stick forward then back. Your player will drag the ball back, tap it with the other foot and kick it in the opposite direction to forward on coming defender.

For a simple rainbow, flick the right stick back the forwards twice. Time it right and your player will flick the ball up in the air and overhead. Use it to fall a defender and if you just feel like showing off.

To do some intermediate skill moves, you may need to use a modifier as well as the right analogue stick. Be sure to spend some time in the practice arena to properly learn these skills with the help of FIFA 16 Coins. Please, be sure that you already know how to perform the basic skill moves, before going to more difficult ones.

To make things easier to understand, watch this Intermediate Skill Moves Tutorial video for FIFA 16:


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FIFA 16 - New Update for PC Version

FIFA 16, the popular football simulation video game from EA Sports, has received its title update 3 for the PC version. PS4 and Xbox One will receive it at a later date, the official post states.

Title update 3 for FIFA 16 will add some new content like star heads for teams promoted in Barclays Premier League and new third kits.

This update will also be addressing some of the issues faced by fut 16 coins. The players can expect improvements in match-making, fix for the exploit to win/loss record, correct country flags, PS4 issue causing screen size to change and more.

The update will also be addressing issues in FIFA Ultimate Team. Some issues that have been identified include Compare Price improvements, Goalkeeper being selected by default, image of the ball did not match that which was selected and many more.

FIFA 16 was released on 22 September, 2015, for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. This year's FIFA 16 contained female players for the first time and it has 12 women's national teams. The game contained 78 stadiums that include 50 real-world venues.

Below are the patch notes as detailed in FIFA forums:

New Content

Star heads for some players, many of which are from the newly promoted Barclays Premier League teams this season.

New third kits have been added for Roma, Barcelona, and Inter Milan.

It addresses items that were identified by the community and FIFA Live Service team, namely:

Improvements to online matchmaking.
One instance of a team celebrating a goal at the wrong moment.
An exploit to win/loss record in FIFA Online Seasons.
Correct country flags appearing in FIFA Pro Clubs.
One instance of Pro Club accomplishments resetting for a small number of users.
An issue on PS4 that caused screen size changes to not save correctly.

It addresses issues in FIFA Ultimate Team:

Updated the default value assigned to the Buy Now option to the max value when listing an item for sale on the Transfer Market.
Improvements to Compare Price when used on consumable items.
Issue where your Goalkeeper was the default selection for all Player Roles.
An issue in settings where the image of the ball didn't match the selected ball.
An issue that caused a shared Concept Squad to be displayed as a playable squad in the EA Sports Football Club news feed.
An issue with the use of historical kits by your opponent in Play a Friend's Squad.


FIFA 16: would you like to spend some money

Like last year I won't spend a penny on FUT. fut16coin enjoys gradually building a team from scratch, starting with bronzes and replacing them even with crappy golds is very rewarding

Makes opening packs all the more interesting too as those players who would typically get discarded tend to be useful.

The better league for start is Portuguese Primeira Liga: Casillas Aboubakar Maicon Jardel Maxi Jefferson Teo Gutierrez Joao Mario William Carvalho Mitroglou Slimani Carrillo Gaitan

I dont like to spend on FIFA points but I did buy the deluxe version. 40 premium packs over 20 weeks which isnt bad. It's basically $50 worth of packs which is enough for me.

On the first day i'll probably just build up coins on offline division/tournaments with coin boosts and add to the players I get from the web app. And while this is happening i'll be doing the bronze pack method like I normally do to build up the items in my club and build up coins

At the end of the day EA want you to buy FIFA Points so why would they make it easy for you to build a good team just with FIFA 16 Ultimate Team coins? I think the ranges will start pretty high and rise. I think it will still be pretty hard to get a good team this year with out spending money or having a lot of free time to trade.

I've spent way too much on past FIFA games, so I'm gonna see if I can avoid spending anything on this one. Probably gonna start with building the Atl├ętico Madrid starting 11 and then a BBVA team with players from other clubs.


My experiences of FIFA 16

Goalkeeping: A big improvement over last years. I found keepers less likely to make schoolyard errors and better at parrying balls away from the oppositions strikers. Although aerial control during crosses leaves some questions to be answered.

Defending: I don't know if the pace of the game has improved defending but I have found it much easier to earn FIFA 16 Coins Android. And that's not a good thing for me. It's too easy to catch up and tackle Ronaldo & Messi even if your fucking John Terry with 12 pace mate.

Apart from that I like the improved controls in defending and think the above could be summed up to EA nerfing pace.

Midfield: One of the biggest changes for me. I feel like the gameplay has changed in pace enough to accommodate a quick and risky tiki-taka style of football. Ball players like Fabregas, Gotze and Iniesta feel amazing and I've been able to pull off some slick looking passing goals.

Attack: The pace of the game has changed enough that pace isn't as big of a factor this year. So much that it can render even Ronaldo & Messi obsolete at times. If your opponent stacks his midfield and plays 4 across the back, I feel like Messi can't just change a game by dribbling and accelerating through players like I could in 15. Although shooting is well improved. Everything looks more natural and the new finishing and skill animations are sexual.

Overall: I am enjoying the demo. It definitely feels like a different game although not much has really changed with FIFA 16 Coins IOS. Although I've only been playing against the AI and don't know how everything will translate to Online. The demo is always different to the final release. Last year was the same.


FIFA 16: feel the way you play

The one thing I've noticed is how players feel the way they play. Playing with Chelsea, Hazard felt and played like his style, and Willian felt and played like he does in real life. They both felt different to one another. Looks like Sterling has his Velma run. Also noticed that the Chelsea AI changed formation and tactics when they were 1-0 down, and in the 75th minute threw on Remy for Matic and played with 2 up top. Also surprisingly liking the Women's way of play, I just wish there was more for the cheapest fut 16 coins, but there's definitely potential there for it to become a full game mode in Fifa 17 and onwards, just hope EA don't see it as a market gap and decide to release a separate game for Women and Men.

I played the closed beta for a couple days (played career mode and online seasons) and I agree. I love the defending and AI positioning. Feels like they focused on improving defense as it's been weaker than offense for the past few FIFAs. I also like how the pace isn't as important and passing depends on actual stats so you can't just spam perfect lobbed through balls across the pithc with every scrub.

Totally agree on passes, and I also like the fact that AI can fuck up here and then. I'll spend some time practicing some more passes. I don't do a lot of through balls (the ones I do are calculated, normally towards the wing) and zero lobbed through balls, might try to see how effective they are.

Honostly usually really hate ea sports for releasing the same game every year, but wow this year is actually really good and an actual simulation that they seemed to really work on. Also, I like how you actually have to "play beautiful" in the game to be effective as opposed to sitting 5 at the back and countering with buying fut 16 coins. The sad part is this may not do well with the casual crowed so ea might change it back to more arcade like when the game comes out, but I hope not!!