My experiences of FIFA 16

Goalkeeping: A big improvement over last years. I found keepers less likely to make schoolyard errors and better at parrying balls away from the oppositions strikers. Although aerial control during crosses leaves some questions to be answered.

Defending: I don't know if the pace of the game has improved defending but I have found it much easier to earn FIFA 16 Coins Android. And that's not a good thing for me. It's too easy to catch up and tackle Ronaldo & Messi even if your fucking John Terry with 12 pace mate.

Apart from that I like the improved controls in defending and think the above could be summed up to EA nerfing pace.

Midfield: One of the biggest changes for me. I feel like the gameplay has changed in pace enough to accommodate a quick and risky tiki-taka style of football. Ball players like Fabregas, Gotze and Iniesta feel amazing and I've been able to pull off some slick looking passing goals.

Attack: The pace of the game has changed enough that pace isn't as big of a factor this year. So much that it can render even Ronaldo & Messi obsolete at times. If your opponent stacks his midfield and plays 4 across the back, I feel like Messi can't just change a game by dribbling and accelerating through players like I could in 15. Although shooting is well improved. Everything looks more natural and the new finishing and skill animations are sexual.

Overall: I am enjoying the demo. It definitely feels like a different game although not much has really changed with FIFA 16 Coins IOS. Although I've only been playing against the AI and don't know how everything will translate to Online. The demo is always different to the final release. Last year was the same.

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