FIFA 16: Training Yourself

For me they need to start implementing a lot of individual training regimes that you can set your players on like specifically targeting making their finishing better which would cause other things like passing to go up a lot slower whilst you were targeting finishing for example.

you could however if you wanted to, just leave them on a general training regime which should slowly make them better at a number of things.
The thing I want most from manager mode is for them to let you have a youth/ B team which has an actual separate league and it's own fixtures where you can monitor the progress of your youth/ fringe players and choose when to bring them into the first team.

Right now ive been playing it non stop and transfer windows get cheap Fifa 16 coins all worked up cause its fun finding players and signing them. But i have made so many transactions that i have so much cash and a really good team, would love the whole facilities to upgrade and train my recently promoted youth players. Ive gotten some pretty awesome youth players.

It's really annoying if you play as Real or Barca and you have to pay for your own players from the B team...

It all seems to come down to the fact that EA don't give a shit about Manager mode anymore because it's not their cash cow - FUT is.

Sadly I wouldn't be surprised if at some point they dump to buy Fifa 16 coins altogether in order to push people more towards their Ultimate Team cash cow. The same goes for seasons. The mobile game is UT and bugger all else. I fear the full game will soon follow the same path.

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