Some wishes about FIFA 16 feature

I was getting so frustrated today while defending without Fifa coins. I'd go for a standing tackle, but FIFA decided that my player somehow had possession and so I slam a shot that barely makes it to the opponent's box.

I'd also like the game to have a better understanding of what possession is, and not have the players I'm controlling just let go of the ball because an opponent looks like he might think about tackling me off of it.

More custom tactics, more realistic start to the game for example the commentators could give a quick intro on the teams form, also after the game it would be cool if your team won the game and they would celebrate with their fans, you know like singing chants with the fans etc.

How about the ability to challenge anyone on FUT? I want a rematch, not a new friend.

Bring back trading players/items
Improve online connectivity and matchmaking so I don't get matched up with a +9 rated opponent. How about based on win/loss ratio? Introduce ELO...
More tournaments/challenges

FIX THE F*CKING PACK DROPS. I understand it's an effective business to simply rob the addicted of their paychecks but reward them more, they've certainly earned it.

Position freedom (let me change muller to a CM, or lichtsteiner to an RB/LB without having to get the IF)

Bring back the save custom tactic feature, add custom formations
Customize badges (like in COD), uniforms, balls, stadiums
Change club name for a fee whenever

GK should be amazingly hard to overcome without some clever passing and shooting. Goals should not be conceeded from 40+ yards and with a non-responsive GK who let the ball zip by his left ear. REALISTICALLY, GKs will stop anything that isn't from within the box and in plain view (so walls of players blocking GK's view could help slip one in)
More skill moves

More responsive defending AI (no kickoff crap)
Better possession statuses (I am trying to steal the ball and in a millisecond of "possession" I manage to throw away the ball)

Nerf OTTTBs and make expensive players actually worth. Also make passing faster paced and not have it randomly pass to the wrong player with FUT16coin Mobille. Also have CB an wing backs track runs instea of standing still. And while were at fix the fucking reffing so it makes sense. Get some official refs in and ask them what they would call in a shown situation and then have them do that. The fact the i can get slid from behind while about to shoot in a 1v1 with the goalie and they only get a yellow is unacceptable. Also make it so players can just immediately catch up when a player like depay goes past them. Oh and get rid of park the bus or make it less effective cause fuck that

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    You probably need MORE COINS!
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