FIFA 16: the best selling franchises

Well casual players are players who don't take the time to play the game enough to figure out how it works. Why would a developer cater to a group who isn't going to play their game enough to appreciate it? They can feel however they want but creating a game for casuals will almost always make a game that is more shallow with less replay value

They are some of the best selling franchises that exist, but if you ask any fan of those franchises that has been around for more than a few titles they'll tell you the same thing I do. Same game over and over with more and more assistance to players who do not put in the time to get FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Coins, and skill and game knowledge playing less of a factor into who can/will win the game. Aside from Madden and NHL (who have no competition) more competitive gamers are leaving these franchises as well for more balanced, less forgiving games. Regardless, if you like playing FIFA I think you would be hard pressed to say a deeper game would be worse than a more shallow one, especially after you pay $60 /year for the current version.

Not please the guys who are going to buy it regardless. Besides, no matter what sports gaming companies do, their hardcore fans bitch about it. Nba 2k is the best sports game out there IMO and if you go to their forums ppl are always bitching about how it's broken.

People are hard to please. With that being said, ea is the worst sports gaming company out there be they make the most and improve the least, but they have a monopoly on the genre and I really don't see that changing any time soon.

You don't know what the vast majority of the customers are actually like, so don't talk like you know. I would consider myself a casual, but I understand soccer and how it is played. When I played FIFA 13, it was all sweaty play styles with lobbed through ball passes, sprinting for your life down a wing towards the goal box. I'm glad this game isn't like that now. I'm sure many feel the same way

Both sides of the argument here have some validity. Although casuals maybe ought to try to learn techniques that may lead to an enhanced enjoyment of the game, it is ELITIST to believe that the only way to play the game is with 5-star skills and tiki-taka possession football.

I actually believe the biggest issue isn't nerfing pace (that had to be done). The biggest issue is the unrealistic settling time on the ball. This is what slows the passing game counterintuitively to their goal to focus on build-up play. My players will revive a pass and take up to 1.5-2seconds to figure out they actually have possession. Very silly!

The sad reality of reviews/articles like this is that it usually is the consensus of the majority of fifa casual players. This leads to updates that imo "dumb down" the game to a less skill intensive, pace heavy game. It would be great if devs stopped dumbing down games for casuals, but unfortunately these individuals make up most of the sales.


Thoughts/Impressions of FIFA 16

It's weird, the fast players don't feel fast and the slow players feel very very slow. For example in fut draft my strikers were inform ronaldo and alexis sanchez and they seemed no faster then the other guys zabaleta and kompany. And I have kroos in my midfield and he feels like he's barely moving, overall it just kind of feels really heavy, like my players are moving through syrup, if that makes any sense

In other words; run at the defence of your opponent and breeze past his defenders easily. I played the demo of FIFA 16 and I was pleasantly surprised in how they fixed that. They might have made the really fast players a tad too slow though, a very little buff of their pace might rebalance that.

To be honest, that sounds like a good thing to me. I think defenders should be able to keep up with attackers over a short distance but as for long distance foot races, pace should definitely come in to action then.
The past FIFAs just felt like players with 90 pace had 190 pace. Plus it should decrease the amount of pace abusers.

That and a player running unfettered compared to a player running whilst controlling a ball is a thing that should be considered, even when natural abilities are taken into account.

There isn't an insane difference in speed between players at the top echelon, and FIFA articificially seemed to imply that there was.

I think what this game needs is a mechanism or at least an instruction that tells defenders to track the runs of attackers. So if your Ronaldos, Bales, Neymars etc start making a run with Fifa 16 coins, the defenders shouldn't stick to their line, one should track him until that player runs offside then they should drop back to formation.

Obviously if your 65 pace defender has a good few yards on the attacker, then it might seem like he keeps up. To be fair, in real life most defenders can usually keep up with attackers, they would lose in a foot race for sure, but that attacker has a ball to deal with which kills their pace a little every second or so.

I'm wary that some people may find some weird exploit and spread it everywhere.. but according to latest Fifa 16 news, it plays wonderfully. You have to be careful with the ball. You Dont have to crawl up field but you have to be smart and precise. This is football. Not that sprint/lob fest we've become accustomed to seeing.

pace is more relevant than in the demo but not as much as previous years, It is definitely harder to find space to abuse it but when you do get room it works as it has always.

Passing is also notably harder as it was in the demo and a more patient style may well be beneficial this year. Again this is from just one game as I spent my first hour mainly opening packs but I feel these are all teething problems that'll hopefully be unnoticeable when I'm more used to the game.


The Top Players in FIFA 16

For example, I'm in the 9th season which means most of the top players I'm familiar with either super old or retired. And the some of the best players are regens/fictional. If I want to buy world class player where can I look to find them?

If you know the position you want, then you can make a list of the top few teams in each top league (Bundesliga, Premiership, etc.), then use the search function to search all players the team has at that position. Then, make inquiries to get a rough idea of their values and scout the ones with the highest values.

It puzzles me how people hate this, having to search for players and scout them makes it better. On the old system, I found it a bit boring just pressing search and signing the top players on the list by rating. Surely having to scout them adds more enjoyment, and provides longevity to the game. Also, sometimes you can judge a player wrong with the Fifa 16 news system and regret the signing, this happens in real life and makes it realistic for me. Like in my first season with Cardiff, I spent £3 million on an Argentinian striker, he played 4 games was shockingly bad. Sold him in the January for £750k, big loss, but it happens.

However, I do agree that there should be the option to turn it off and just see OVRs if that's what you prefer. I also agree that something should be done about low-rated scouts being essentially useless if you scout via instructions (manual scouting or scouting via 'one for the future' stories still works fine, but the former is IMHO too clunky to be fun).

Sometimes though I start a career and forgot about one or two of them and regret it. Bakkali is my favourite of the lot though, quality winger. Already rated 81 for my Cardiff side in my 3rd season.


Price range is the end of FIFA 16 for me

This game sucks so much now since price ranges were added.

players like delph and ronaldos MOTM cards are non existent unless you spam search for ages.

Every week there will be at least one IF priced wrong who will be the same as delph abd ronaldo.

There will be no more market crashes during TOTS and TOTY.

Players don't even sell because there already at there minimums so you can undercut for quick sales either.

EAs price range and opinion of a players price will never be the same as moat gamera, all low rated IFs will be under priced and impossible to find.

If there price range ia too low, 99% of TOTS and TOTY cards will be impossible to find.

No more investing to make coins.

I'm sure there is way more reasons then I've listed too. If this price range stays on fifa 16 it will be the first time I don't buy fifa for 16 years!

they would be better off removing coins from the game mode all together then this *, just make it so all players can be traded with any random for up to another 10 players so it would be straight swaps for players we desire and no economy at all!

If not the other thing to do would be to perma IP ban all the coin sellers. Yes they ban buyers but everytime they ban a buyer they also have the info of the seller and do nothing with your Fifa 16 coins ios? All video games have the rule you can't sell in-game currency but no percific rules you can't buy them. this is the first one I've ever came across that goes out of their way to ban the buyers but not the sellers!

I spend so much on fifa points every year but what's the point if the players you get won't actually sell and the players you want aren't on the market? 


FIFA 16: Few options on PC

Gamers who are also football fans fall into two camps - the ones who can't get enough of EA's FIFA franchise, and those who think that Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer series can do no wrong - and the two rarely, if ever, see eye to eye. If you are a FIFA fan, then you know that FIFA 16, the next instalment of the franchise, is out next week. It's one of the few games that's available not just on the PC and the current generation consoles (the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), but also on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. But which version of the game is the one worth getting? We checked the demo out on every platform to tell you.

Few options on PC
Thanks to its immense popularity, FIFA 16 manages to attract a mainstream audience which may not have the most up-to-date PC to play the game. This is most obvious from the system settings available. While GTA V, The Witcher 3, and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain all sported a wealth of options for PC users, the graphic options for FIFA 16 are rather sparse.

We tested the game on an Intel Core i5 3470 at 3.2GHz, 16GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GTX 980Ti. Needless to say, playing FIFA 16 at 4K was effortless with this setup. The game looked crisp and sharp and felt blisteringly fast, netting between 110 to 120 frames per second with every graphic setting turned to the maximum. This was expected considering that most gaming PCs are overkill for this title.

Playing using a midrange GTX 950 card, we were still able to max out the game at 1440p, with a frame rate of around 60fps for most part, and the rare dip to 40 during replays. At 1080p we were able to get close to 120 frames per second at most times, dropping to the low 90s on occasion.

At all resolutions and hardware configurations, we noticed visible tearing in the game's cut-scenes and replays which took away from the immersion to an extent. Capping the frame rate to 60fps did little to rectify this.

In terms of hardware, the PC version of FIFA 16 doesn't require cutting edge components to get it running. If you have a Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64-bit operating system and at the very least, an Intel Core i3 at 3.1GHz, 4GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GTX 650, you should be able to play the game fairly well at 720p. And if you're the adventurous sort - like some FIFA 16 PC fans on EA Sports forums - then you can overclock your ailing, obsolete PC to the minimum 3.0GHz to get it running.

Getting the PC version running was more challenging than the game itself
While the PC version looked decent, getting it running was an exercise in frustration. Every time we tried booting it up, we were met with errors, and EA's support forums were anything but Fifa coins would helpful. We tried everything from reinstalling the requisite .NET Framework files to verifying the installation. What finally worked was disabling Origin - the game's client - in the options, after which it started up without a hitch.

That's an odd fix, but considering that the option is there within the client itself, it's possible that EA expects players to do this; though how most people are supposed to divine this is hard to see. This was the case both on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 64-bit operating systems.


How to against another player in FIFA 16

You are a little off. If you have played previous FUTs you know that 5Mil and 6Mil for Messi and Ronaldo are way too high. EA is only putting high min/max because there are so many coins on the market already.

Starting next year, I would be shocked if Ronaldo/Messi are over 1.5 Mil like all the other FUT versions where Messi went from 600k-900k Fifa coins.

also, you are not factoring in tournament rewards (which will probably be much higher in the future).

This system best protects against players that have nothing to do with playing the game and just look to make Fifa 16 coins pc. You can complain all you want that EA wants ppl to spend their money on EA store (rather than Coinsellers) but its their right. Its their game, why should anyone else profit from it.

Exactly right on premium player pricing. Fifa 13 Ronaldo was 1 to 1.5 million. Messi was ~1 million ( sometimes up and sometimes down). By the end of TOTS season in '13 I had about 3.5 mill and felt like a king. Now with that same money I can buy Robben, Ribery, and a solid team.

Ronaldo has never been affordable via match earnings. It could be argued that Ronaldo has barely ever been affordable (yes, even before TOTY) via good investments on the transfer market.

In the future if you are going to make a rant post regarding a recent change to FUT, do not cite the affordability of Ronaldo. Literally half of the text in your post was regarding the affordability of Ronaldo, as if it somehow correlated to this recent change.

Ever since the post-TOTY inflation, every user on this sub has been calling for change, some drastic, some minimal. EA is doing something. Let's all try to save our criticisms until we see the real time pros/cons of this update.


Some wishes about FIFA 16 feature

I was getting so frustrated today while defending without Fifa coins. I'd go for a standing tackle, but FIFA decided that my player somehow had possession and so I slam a shot that barely makes it to the opponent's box.

I'd also like the game to have a better understanding of what possession is, and not have the players I'm controlling just let go of the ball because an opponent looks like he might think about tackling me off of it.

More custom tactics, more realistic start to the game for example the commentators could give a quick intro on the teams form, also after the game it would be cool if your team won the game and they would celebrate with their fans, you know like singing chants with the fans etc.

How about the ability to challenge anyone on FUT? I want a rematch, not a new friend.

Bring back trading players/items
Improve online connectivity and matchmaking so I don't get matched up with a +9 rated opponent. How about based on win/loss ratio? Introduce ELO...
More tournaments/challenges

FIX THE F*CKING PACK DROPS. I understand it's an effective business to simply rob the addicted of their paychecks but reward them more, they've certainly earned it.

Position freedom (let me change muller to a CM, or lichtsteiner to an RB/LB without having to get the IF)

Bring back the save custom tactic feature, add custom formations
Customize badges (like in COD), uniforms, balls, stadiums
Change club name for a fee whenever

GK should be amazingly hard to overcome without some clever passing and shooting. Goals should not be conceeded from 40+ yards and with a non-responsive GK who let the ball zip by his left ear. REALISTICALLY, GKs will stop anything that isn't from within the box and in plain view (so walls of players blocking GK's view could help slip one in)
More skill moves

More responsive defending AI (no kickoff crap)
Better possession statuses (I am trying to steal the ball and in a millisecond of "possession" I manage to throw away the ball)

Nerf OTTTBs and make expensive players actually worth. Also make passing faster paced and not have it randomly pass to the wrong player with FUT16coin Mobille. Also have CB an wing backs track runs instea of standing still. And while were at fix the fucking reffing so it makes sense. Get some official refs in and ask them what they would call in a shown situation and then have them do that. The fact the i can get slid from behind while about to shoot in a 1v1 with the goalie and they only get a yellow is unacceptable. Also make it so players can just immediately catch up when a player like depay goes past them. Oh and get rid of park the bus or make it less effective cause fuck that


FIFA 16: Offline and Online AI

I think a problem that has plagued EA's games in the majority of their titles is their lack of effort on their Fifa coins. It's a problem that is prevalent online as centre backs wander aimlessly around the pitch, but it is really bad offline. It seems every year rather than implement an improved AI with varying difficulties EA just puts attribute bonuses at each difficulty level.

According to the announcements they've done quite a bit of work on teammate and opponent AI. Is it any better? Who knows until we play it.
But come on you can't expect a game against the AI to be anything similar to playing a very skilled human player.

So short of giving the AI human like intelligence how do you suggest they ramp up the difficulty? If the AI players performed just like ours and had no advantages we would win every game 15-0 because we can think and the AI can't.

By the way I'm not saying playing the AI is fun, it sucks and I hate it. Just like it does in every other sports game. Some games like driving games etc you can have a reasonable AI. In sports games not so much

I don't know that's probably why I don't work for EA, I been playing for 6 months and I tried against legendary for the first time on the special tournament EA had a while back and I beat them to buy Fifa 16 coins, I decided to try it again on div 1 offline and I can never win more than 1-0 or 2-1, they never run out of stamina, they win every header offensive or defensive, And to top it off the ref always favors them. There has to be a way for the AI to be smarter not every player be on steroids.

While I don't expect the AI to perform like that, there's no way the AI should be able to catch and dispossesses your fastest forward with Mertasacker or Terry, or that all their passes connect while yours do not even if you aim correctly.