Football simulation game - FIFA 16

Play Fifa and PES both football games, the current gaming experiences are FIFA is an arcade-like football game, faster gamespeed and the gameplay quite rely on player's physchal status that made Fut 16 coins become a sweat game; PES is real life football simulation game, with slower game speed like real life, the players and the ball have more realistic physics and heavier weight, PES the player stamina is so tight you really need to choose the time to sprint

We mostly play D1 co-op seasons with Bayern. A lot of guys play High Pressure, LB+Y through balls all game. Literally the moment the ball is kicked off, guys are holding turbo and trying to sprint at the ball. Our formation is a 4-2-3-1 and we typically play 4-3-3s, where the primary tactic is long balls over the top.

You are absolutely right, there is no consequence in late games for running High Pressure or abusing turbo. Typically, we pick apart these guys with short passes, but in the 90th min, that last ditch long ball still finds Ronaldo or Bale in stride, blowing past our exhausted CBs.

Interesting- and makes a lot of sense. Have you tried doing this offline? I haven't played offline in a while but i seem to remember last time i played offline, my goalie actually lost stamina and had lost fitness after the game, whereas online your keeper never loses a single fitness point...i wonder if you did the same thing in offline if he would get fatigued at a more normal rate

All my high rated players can pressure you for full 90 minutes, if I try the same with some silvers or some of my bronze teams this goes out the window, they get tired quicker if I pressure the whole game, online I only play with my high rated players you can only fight sweat with sweat, unless you are really good at the game for the rest of us who are average that's the only way we can win.

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