FIFA 16: the recency bias

I just think that recency bias makes us forget how much worse FIFA 14 really was. I played thousands of hours of it, and I had a lot of fun playing it. I went back to play it the other day after FIFA 15 frustrated me, and I remember why I was so excited about FIFA 15. If FIFA 16 has that sort of progress in it, it'll be a good thing.

All of the things people were mostly issues in the FIFA 14 in a more extreme way. Long shots were so powerful in FIFA 14 that late I stopped trying to make into the box unless it was a really good chance. In FIFA 15, you have every chance of the ball going into the parking lot with the same weight on the same shots that were smashing into the top corner in FIFA 14. Not to mention, the game is much "tighter" overall. Dribbling is insanely good on FIFA 15, and if you play a slow, possession based game, you can really drive someone mad with the gaps you can make it through and control you have over the ball.

People should start posting what console they played on. I used the 360(Last gen) and also the PC(latest gen version). Goalies were almost exactly the same on 360 from '14 to '15. When I started playing on PC suddenly all the complaints made sense.

Last years transfer market was unusable for great lengths of time, this years had much less volume at times no volume. I think it's an even draw depending on how you rate the two. Def. excited to see how this years market goes. In closing your widows peak is scary.

Because it's actually a sloppy series that's protected by a licensing monopoly. There's a reason it's basically associated with frustration. There always seems to be balancing issues and broken aspects to each iteration.

FIFA 17's demo is going to seem like an upgrade to FIFA 16's when it comes out, and that's not a bad thing. We forget that progress is what they strive for, not perfection. Some years are bad. Some years aren't. FIFA 15 is not nearly in the top portion of the worst iterations while the beloved FIFA 13 was a hilariously pace-centric version. I like that they're slowing down the game a little to make players who have both and skill really stand out with cheap Fifa 16 coins. I had every Hazard card in FIFA 14 and 2 in FIFA 15, and FIFA 16 is the first edition where he feels like a world class player that can change the game with his pace, skill, and balance instead of being knocked off the ball easily and being run down by a centreback with ease. That's a good thing in my book.

Those are 5 things off the top of my head. I mean, fair enough if you didn't mind the game, but surely you can see some clear issues people have had with the game all year long. Every single complaint is justified.

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