EA have done well with FIFA 16

It's weird to see that TOTY Kroos was extinct when he had a maximum price of 250K, but is selling for less than 250K now his max got updated to 280K. This is all about hoarding and hoarders panic selling later on. It's pretty much those hoarders who ruin the game for 'normal' people who would like to actually PLAY with those players. If EA for example announces that price ranges won't be adjusted anymore, almost every 'extinct'(hoarded) player will come available on the market within a day. This price ranges would work perfectly, if only EA finds a way to stop hoarding, for example give everyone a limit of one of the same player in their club at a time(exception for pack pulled players of course).

I believe hoarding will not exist in FIFA 16 because the reason people are hoarding their players in the first place is because they bought them for a ridiculous price before the price bands were put into place. So they figure that their is no point in selling the players in which they spent a shit load of cheap Fifa 16 coins on, but little do they even realize that the more they hold off on selling the players, the lower their price continues to drop. Since price bands will be in FUT 16 from the start, there shouldnt be any hoarding.

I've been calling for this for years now. There should be no reason to have 2 of the same card unless you're trying to make someone else pay more for it than you did.

Everyone on here complained so much about coin selling, but trading was the main reason for the crazy market. People were sitting on 10+ SIF Lacazettes for months and his price reached well over 2mil for no reason. Every trader had their certain cards they stuck to and kept those prices from dropping. It was really ruining things for the people that actually want to use the cards rather than turn them for profit.

Fair enough. But I'm saying, when I'm trying to build a new team and want to get Eriksen on the cheap, you guys are the same ones I end up in a price war with, and it's fairly annoying when you know the other guy is bidding on him just to add him to the trade pile

I never suggested that they don't play. Just that it's annoying wanting to play with a player and competing with people buying him when they've already got a trade pile full of that card.

The game and market would probably be better off if they added greater performance based rewards to make Fifa 16 coins and limited everyone to buying one of each card.

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