FIFA 16: be a winner in Ultimate Team

Hey, I wanted to see how many people have won division 1 on UT and how they have done it, eg. Which team / Formation because I'm really getting frustrated at the moment because it seems like you don't have control over your UT games.

In seasons in fifa 14 I won division 1 with a record like 50-9-7 in around a month and in the first go and It took me 7 months to win division 1 on ultimate team. This year, I have 38-11-2 record in seasons, Division 4 but on ultimate team I just can't play equally as well. There are some factors that make me lose that are literally uncontrollable. Give me some tips on players/formations you've used to win division 1 on ultimate team..Thank you!

I've played FIFA since 08 and won division 1 close to 20 times last FIFA and a few times this year. And honestly the best way is to learn how to pass the ball.

You know how many times people have played against opponents who just run through your team with your poor Fifa 16 account? Probably countless more times than they have played against a good passer who exploits the gaps and plays patient.

Or last year it was the running down the flanks and crossing it. Point being, don't play like most people play that year, you may want to do that after you get smashed by Ibarbo or whatever, but just remember there are millions of ways to pass through an defence, but there's only one way of running with a lot of Fifa 16 coins.

Also have a balanced team. It may seem more exciting to have a Iniesta or Messi playing at CDM than it would to have a Matic or a De Rossi, but it makes a huge difference. Especially this year since it's easier to counter-attack since pace is such a huge factor, so you don't want your holding midfielders all the way in the attack.

I play with the 4-3-3(5) since it offers a good balance of width, midfield and attacking force. Any other formation with a stacked midfield works for me too. But then again if you feel like your style is working you could just keep working on it instead.